Nick Vertucci: Wisdom on Paper Through a New Book Release

Nick Vertucci has successfully released a new book that is more of a guide: “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed.” He extensively speaks about his challenges and gives detailed information on some of the principles towards succeeding in the real estate investment. Nick is clear enough to highlight how he has applied such principles to become whom he has grown in the entrepreneurial and financial world. He is open to sharing that some of the milestones in the market world require one to make very critical decisions. In this excellent book, Nick Vertucci describes some of the vital aspects that have contributed to his success. Nick brings out some of the lessons he has been able to identify over time and how he has actualized them to become successful.

The major highlight from the new book entails why it is crucial to serving clients rather than the self-service model, how to eliminate fear from altering your thinking s as to achieve your goals, and finally on how to increases the vision and change the outcome in one’s profession. Kevin Harrington is the number one person to endorse Nick’s book. Kevin is one of the business executives and American entrepreneurs.

The story of Nick becoming successful is an inspiring one. People are always inspired by stories where people rise from low positions, but his story involves a series of rising and falling and finally rising to the top rank. He has fought through to become his dream. Nick Vertucci was born and raised from a humble family; however, his family was better enough to provide for the basic needs. His vision was to become wealthy. He founded the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy in the year 2014 in the Orange County in California. His role in the academy was to help a student in fulfilling their dreams in the real estate business across many nations. He provided guidance and teachings on various topics in the company that came in handy for the students after the training. His classes are a suitable place to learn information and significant aspects of flipping homes. His major vital points for success in his life revolve having a vision, believing in the vision, planning for the success, and finally properly executing the plan. He always encourages people to pursue their dreams and acting on their ideas. Apart from joining the academy, reading through the new book can shift one’s state and thinking in the real estate investing world.

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Paul Mampilly was born in 1933 in India, the time when the country was extremely poor, and many people were dying out of hunger. His mother passed away while he was three years old, and his father followed when he was 20 years old. He applied for his first job in Dubai where his siblings discouraged him from going because of the prospect that India is a horrible place. View Paul’s profile on Linkedin.

Currently, he is a senior editor at Extreme fortunes, Profits Unlimited, and True Momentum which is located in Banyan Hill Publishing. Before joining the editing position, he worked as a manager of the Hedge Fund. He is the celebrated winner of Templeton Foundation investment competition. Paul has an experience of over 20 years, having featured on various media platforms such as Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV, and CNBC. Paul is an investment advisor, and therefore he offers the service to the Main Street Americans who have interest in learning more about the stock trends as well as the ideal time to invest.

He began his financial career and business in 1991 as an associate portfolio manager of the Bankers Trust. He proceeded to manage the multimillion-dollar accounts of the ING, Deutsche Bank, Scotland’s Loyal Bank, Private Swiss Bank, and Sears. He was tired of Wall Street as well as helping various corporations make billions of dollars at the age of 42. As a result, he opted to retire and dedicate his knowledge and time to helping the Americans to take advantage of the investment opportunities that were available in the stock market. Currently, he writes for an investment research farm, Banyan Hill Publishing, a firm that has over $80 million in sales. The firm also distributes the financial strategies to the people who are looking for better protection and growth of their wealth.

From the time Paul Mampilly joined the Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016, the firm has managed over 90,000 signups of people for the newsletter Profits Unlimited of the Mampilly. The recent newsletter written by Paul Mampilly details the new opportunities that pop up each month. The opportunities include the Model Portfolio that he tracks himself as well as a list of several diverse stocks that he recommends to his clients to buy. Apart from writing for Profits Unlimited, Paul Mampilly manages another two elite trading services which include true momentum and extreme fortunes. Lastly, he writes a weekly column in the Winning Investor Daily.



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End Citizens United Backs Lamb Over Rothfus

End Citizens United continues its attempts to get corporate and dark money out of American politics. The group’s most recent contribution to the 2018 midterm elections. Keith Rothfus, a representative from Pennsylvania has most recently drawn the groups ire. Rothfus made the group’s big money list.

Making the organization’s big money 20 list means that the politicians or government officials who earn this dubious distinction have shown a history of taking large donation from corporate sources or corporate-backed packs. Members of the group routinely criticize the United States’ government of being controlled by the corporations.

Rothfus, who represents the Sewickley area, is being challenged by Democratic candidate Connor Lamb. Lamb is no stranger to the End Citizens United group either. He earned their backing in the Democratic primaries earlier this year. Although the group normally backs DNC candidates, they will back any candidate who favors finance reform and ending the influence of corporate and dark money on the country’s political system.

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Tiffany Muller, President of End Citizens United told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that they were organizing a grass roots effort to unseat Representative Rothfus. She added that she wants to see reformers who stand up to corporate interests in the House and the Senate.

Rothfus’s campaign has responded to the accusations of End Citizens United by calling it an attack from the extreme left, and an attempt to undermine the congressman’s campaign. The spokesman added that most of the candidate’s contributions have been from individuals. The spokesperson believes this calls into question End Citizens United’s credibility.

Muller did not respond to the spokesperson’s accusations, and election years are known for widening the already existing divisions. Russia is accused of using this tactic when the meddled in the 2016 presidential election. The investigation over the Trump administration’s possible collusion with Russia continues.

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The Great Susan McGalla Fights for Opportunities for Women in Business

Susan McGalla has been featured in an article which was published by the great This article talked about the many challenges which are facing many women who are seeking to climb the cooperate ladder in the economic world which has been dominated by men. Despite the statistics showing how companies that promote women on position are successful, many firms still lag behind in the concept of advancing women in the excellent opportunities in businesses.

As companies now start to recognize the need for gender equality at the workplace, the equal opportunities for both men and women in the rungs in the corporate success are still few. That has proved to be a fact in most economical settings in the business world. Susan McGalla is now working to change the fact systematically. However, McGalla understands that the changes may not change overnight; she believes in the ability of women and continues to propel them up the corporate ladder.

One of the significant ways McGalla is advancing the set goal is that she is now writing and frequently speaking in matters regarding advantages of giving opportunities to women on the upward mobility in any business setting. The concept of McGalla on workplace gender sensitivity, strategies, and dynamics for business growth has been successful in several industries across the globe.

Susan’s self-determination to become an executive person in the top firms in business has served as aenough inspirational story to many women. What remains extraordinary McGalla career path is that Susan was never awarded any exceptional break on her way up the ladder.

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Sheldon Lavin- the OSI Group Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group has the Best Interests at Heart for OSI Group

For a company to grow at an exponential rate, visionary leaders must be present. As for OSI Group, the company has been around for more than 100 years in counting. As a company that started out as a mere butcher shop, OSI Group is currently a world-renowned food supplier. Far from being a successful company, the success of OSI Group can be traced back to great leaders such as Sheldon Lavin.

Background Data

Sheldon Lavin is a principled leader. As a man who advocates for sustainability, food safety, and green practices, Lavin has played a considerable role in the success of OSI Group. However, in a pursuit to make sure that OSI Group always tops the charts as a renowned food supplier, OSI Group has been acquiring various companies with the sole aim of strengthening their global presence.

The Early Growth of OSI back in the Day

Otto Kolschowsky is the man behind the creation of OSI Group. Earlier known as Otto & Sons, the company partnered with McDonald’s as a supplier of freshly ground beef. During the 1960’s, McDonald’s was growing at an exponential rate, and the sons of Otto Kolschowsky had to formulate a way in which they would maintain they would maintain the freshness of their products while transporting them to the various McDonald’s outlets. Luckily, liquid nitrogen came about as a suitable way to preserve the meat products. As a result, OSI Group now could transport meat products over long distances while still maintaining the freshness of their products.

With time, Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group in the 1970’s. Mr. Lavin is the man behind the venturing of OSI Group into the global market. During Lavin’s tenure, OSI Group was able to venture into countries such as Spain, Germany, Brazil, Austria and Taiwan and all this happened during the 1980’s. The global expansion went on. However, a strategy is always important. Therefore, OSI Group started acquiring various companies worldwide to strengthen their global presence.

About Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group

Mr. Lavin is currently the chief executive officer of OSI Group. As a man who has diligently served at OSI Group for more than forty years, his positive impact can be felt throughout the organization. Since one of the sons of Otto Kolschowsky decided to sell their shares, Sheldon Lavin acted fast, and he bought the shares, thereby gaining full voting control. By having shares in OSI Group, Lavin has nothing but the best interests of OSI Group at heart. As he continues to serve as the chief executive officer, the organization is set to prosper indefinitely.

To know more click: here.

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Freedom Checks, what are they really?

It is very likely that like many others you have recently heard about Freedom Checks and wondered a bit. The advertisements show “testimonials” and photos of people holding them in their hand. Companies encourage everyone to grab their piece before a said date, but the date keeps getting extended. The name “Freedom Checks” itself gives off a sense that it’s some sort of government compensation, but what really are Freedom Checks? Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.

They are an investment

Freedom Checks are based off an investment strategy of the sort of MLP, or Master Limited Partnerships. Those who invest get paid back for the money they invest and it’s usually a couple of times a year. These investments are commonly thrown into energy, resource, or precious metal companies and almost 100% of the revenue comes from sources in the U.S.

The man behind these popular checks is Matt Badiali and he’s also the one who picked their clever name. According to him, out of nearly 600 companies that are related to MLPs only a handful is recommended. He also mentions that it’s only about five companies that control the billion dollar industry of these natural resources. The revenue one can possibly make is something to really think about. Badiali claims that the highest rates paid are between five and nine percent. That leaves the majority of the investors seeing less than one percent in return per year. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

How legit is it?

If you haven’t yet come across the checks online, a quick online search will leave you in a state of doubt. Most of the claims you will find online are made by those running these MLPs, not by the average Joe who invested. By simply visiting the Freedom Checks website you will quickly find odd that there’s a photo of Badiali holding a check that looks like it came from the U.S. Treasury. You will also find some very sketchy testimonials of people receiving checks worth over $100,000.

Final Thoughts

The investments are real and can bring back some revenue, although probably not what you expect. The way the idea is projected makes it appear like something it’s really not, but it is not a scam. Anyone who is interested should take these facts into consideration and know it’s actually an investment. This is not some type of government payment you need to hurry up and grab before it’s gone. Check:

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Penelope Kokkinides Talks About Why Restoring Healthcare Funding In Puerto Rico Is So Important

Penelope Kokkinides has been in the healthcare industry for over 20 years. Among the universities she has been educated at is SUNY in Binghampton, New York, and Columbia University in New York City. Her specialties are managing Medicare and Medicaid plans. She is also very experienced at increasing efficiency and managing healthcare processes. She started her executive career at UnitedHealthcare where she was the vice president of disease management.

She has also worked for Americhoice and Aveta, Inc, at both places as a vice president. She became a chief operating officer in 2008 at Touchstone-Health HMO, Inc., and held this same position at InnovaCare Health Services for five years after that. She briefly left to work at Centerlight Health Systems as the COO and executive vice president but she returned to InnovaCare Health in July 2015 as their chief administrative officer.

Healthcare in Puerto Rico, which is where Innovacare Health provides Medicaid and Medicare plans, was very much complicated by the hurricane that hit it in 2017. Penelope Kokkinides is working to make sure people’s healthcare and other needs continue to be met on this island. One way she has done so is by being instrumental in setting up a storefront called Recargate. This storefront now provides clinical care to patients and is also a place where they can recharge their portable electronic devices.

Penelope says that Recargate helps people who need medical care, as well as those who want to be screened for mental illness. She says it is also a great place to unwind and features a recreation area for residents of San Juan and the surrounding areas. She says that Recargate has also been serving as a pilot to show effective ways of addressing Puerto Ricans healthcare needs going forward.

Another way Penelope Kokkinides is addressing the healthcare needs of Puerto Ricans is by advocating for Medicare and Medicaid funding at the White House. She took part in a “Women in Healthcare Panel” at the White House where she urged the president to restore funding to these programs on that island. She says that too much has been cut from the Medicaid and Medicare budgets of Puerto Rico in recent years and it would be both the humanitarian and fiscally wise to restore some of the funding. She stated that if these programs were to fail people would move to one of the states where their healthcare costs would be a lot more expensive.


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Freedom Checks: An Investment Dripping in Oil and Gas

They are called an investment and it’s name is “Freedom Checks.” Apparently, companies are writing them as they engage in natural resources that they produce, store, process and transport in the U.S. The general focus is in the oil and gas industries. The fracking boom has created a overwhelming decline in Middle Eastern oil imports and a huge spike in gas and oil production. This allows U.S. businesses to make large profits in the following years where they will pay upwards of $34.6 billion to investors in the form of Freedom Checks for coming 12 months. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

Matt Badiali discovered Freedom Checks in the first place. He studied natural resources for 20 years becoming a superior expert in the areas such as energy, mining and agriculture. While teaching geology at Duke University and then the University of North Carolina, he began traveling across the world. He went from Singapore, Yukon, Iraq, Mexican desert, Hong Kong then Papua New Guinea. During this time he produced a video about Freedom Checks that went viral. He explains the investment itself is born from the United States determination to get energy independence. Freedom Checks are in fact considered an investment because they trade like a stock and can raise in value.

The Freedom Checks fall under the companies called Master Limited Partnerships. These MLPs go out and find new gas and oil wells, move them through a pipeline and refine all oil and gas coming from Bakken Shale, Marcellus Shale, the Permian Basin and large U.S. fields full of oil and gas. The key part to remember is that the companies must pay out at least 90 percent of their income directly to investors. This is what makes a Freedom Check. When it comes time to filing taxes, investors are exempt from paying taxes on them because they are look at as a return of capital not income. The law that makes this all possible is Statute 26-F. It says that a company can operate tax free is they are a designated agency.

Matt has recommended stocks such as Northern Dynasty and Park Drilling. Further, of the additional 15 stocks he does consider people invest in, 12 have gone up gaining 18%, two that are down only show a loss of -1.01% and -2.47%. He narrows down the Freedom Check providers to a couple rules. One, the company must have 1 billion or in-demand assets. The industry should be in the oil, gas, silver, gold or earth minerals. They also need proof showing they have enriched investors and large consistent payments. Learn more:


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Changing the Future of Cancer Treatment through Genetic Engineering-Clay Siegall

Most patients who suffer from cancer succumb not because of the cancer itself but because of the harshness of the chemotherapy. Clay Siegall had this kind of experience when he was young after his father was diagnosed with cancer. His father struggled with the sickness for four years before he succumbed due to the harshness of the therapy. This is one of the events which really shaped Clay Siegall’s future plans. He enrolled for a degree program in zoology and later specialized in Genetics at the post graduate level.

Clay worked for a number of firms as a lab technician before he left to set up Seattle Genetics in 1998. Seattle Genetics was set up as part of a plan to create ADCs, antibody drug conjugates. For the past two decades, they have been trying to come up with ADCs which can combat different types of lymphomas. The first of the drug to be approved by the FDA was Adcetris, which was approved in 2015. Since its approval, the drug has received overwhelming sales all over the world with more than 75 countries endorsing it. In Canada, there was a time when Takeda Pharmaceuticals was marketing it. Seattle Genetics has since started retailing their drugs.

Clay Siegall has been at the helm in Seattle Genetics at a time when a lot of positive change has been happening. For instance, he has bargained for partnerships with big pharma such as GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Genentech and Daiichi Sankyo. The partnerships are meant to get the company the financing that they need to carry out their research and their clinical trials.

So far, the company has held a vast number of trials for different drugs. These include Hodgkin Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma, Solid Tumors, breast cancer, and Leukemia. The company plans to expand their capacity even further so that they can intensify their research.

Seattle Genetics has been listed on NASDAQ since 2001. They are listed under the name SGEN, and their shares have been doing very well. When asked whether the company is planning to sell off to big pharma any time, Clay Siegall says that while it is common for successful startups to sell off, he has a solid strategy for the future of Seattle Genetics. He states that his company has gotten to the level of success they are enjoying right now because of dedication and hard work, and is confident that with the same spirit, they will get even more of their ADCs approved for public use.

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Stream Energy – Innovator and Philanthropist

Stream Energy played a major role in helping Houston citizens recover after the devastating Hurricane that happened there recently. When news of the hurricane arrived, the team of Stream Energy in the Dallas headquarters decided to put the people of Texas first.

The company’s Humanitarian branch, Stream Energy Cares, helped thousands of Houston residents recover from the hurricane. They supplied essentials so that victims of the disaster could recover at least while having the necessities needed for survival.

Stream Energy is also a global leader in communications technologies, employing over 250,000 associate employees globally. Since helping people is at the focus of their corporate mission, a practical business model, growth of this company is predicted to increase. Everyday, hundreds of thousands people worldwide promote the brand while a simultaneous, genuine, and concerted effort is made everyday to assist those truly in dire situations.

Homelessness is also a major concern of Stream Energy Cares. The company eventually plans to find a way to combat homelessness while curing some of society’s ills on a more grassroots level. This company has adapted to the needs of the people, who seek to improve themselves. With so many resources at hand, there can only be an increase in demand for a company who puts it’s people first.

The corporation also has a sector called Women of Power, that encourages women who produce for the company to find new and more innovative ways to promote their brands and succeed in the global marketplace. Therefore, many women who work with them truly have a bond with this company.

As a leader in the way business should begin to evolve nowadays, Stream Energy’s focus is on growth and sales through a lens of promoting the worth of the individual. In a world full of the devaluation of human life in some media outlets, true humanitarians have risen to leadership who are truly committed to the individual’s psychological well being. This company is also great because it contributes to so many pocketbooks, too.