Working with the Southridge Capital Corporation

Southridge Capital is a financial solutions agency founded by Stephen Hicks in 1996. Their main office can be found in Connecticut, where their main analysis and advisors work each day to increase and improve business efficiency. They have also expanded to offer their services internationally, with offices in Singapore, Africa and Australia. Due to their massive growth since their inception, Southridge Capital is one of the world’s fastest-growing financial corporations with over 250 satisfied clients. Currently, the company provides personalized and customized planning and financial analysis to their customers, whether their client is a brand new business owner or owns a multi-million dollar corporation. The company has made over $1.8 billion in United States investments. Check out to know more.



The company works with well over 300 varying corporations worldwide, some of which are Save a Child’s Heart Network, Walnut Hill Community Church and Western Connecticut Health Network. By working through the Daystar Foundation, Southridge Capital has also given hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to charities around the world. CEO and owner, Stephen Hicks, believes that in order to create a successful company, you need to give back in a way that benefits the community. Some of the expert financial planners working within the Connecticut-based office include Henry Sargent, Laurence Ditkoff and Linda Carlsen. These professionals have a combined 50 years of highly-dedicated experience, which gives them an edge when working with their many customers. They work with high net worth individuals in need of successful planning as well as larger corporations and companies. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Stephen Hicks is the founder and CEO of the Southridge Corporation. Mr. Hicks is a graduate of the Fordham University and Briar Cliff Manor of New York City and Upstate New York. Before he created the company, Stephen Hicks worked for the Bridge Financial Group for well over 10 years. During his time with the Bridge Group, working as their head analyst, he became experienced enough to find a gap in the market for proper planning and investing, and this is why he chose to create the Southridge Capital company serving people of varying needs, budgets and business growth potential.



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