Orange Coast College Academic Developments to the Local Orange County People

Orange Coast College is a community college that is situated in California. It is the third largest college in California. It offers administration and secondary educations to the children in Orange County in California State. Orange Coast College also provides services such as lower division courses, inexpensive training in trades, and skilled professionals to the majority people of California. It offers admissions to students who are eighteen years and above to the University of California and California state university. Students below eighteen years are provided different academic services such as the California high school certificate of proficiency, high school diploma, and completion of the 10th grade and early start petition form. These services provided by the college is to ensure that the students are engaged more in academics and prevent idleness.


Orange Coast College admits more than twenty thousand students into the institution each year. The college, however, has exciting activities that keep the student’s life not a boring one while in school. For instance, the school has different active clubs, associated students body and competitive sports team that help students during their curriculum activities. A lot of changes and construction of several centers have been proven. For instance, there are counseling centers that benefit not only the students but also the local people of the orange county. It has a library, records and admission center where student’s records are kept. Transfer center for students who wished to transfer to the university and much more.


Orange Coast College is headed by Mr. Dennis Harkins who is the president and the principal of the college. He has succeeded in making the school become international recognized by offering quality education. His excellent managerial skills, teamwork, and values-driven nature have managed to improve the lives of the local people and the orange county at large. Moreover, the orange coast college is situated on an island which has also generated benefits to the community and the county. The orange coast college too has invested in the island which has in return resulted to significant accomplishments. For instance, it has made excellent capital investments and has also created a field station whereby summer lessons are taught and much more. Learn more: