End Citizens United Backs Lamb Over Rothfus

End Citizens United continues its attempts to get corporate and dark money out of American politics. The group’s most recent contribution to the 2018 midterm elections. Keith Rothfus, a representative from Pennsylvania has most recently drawn the groups ire. Rothfus made the group’s big money list.

Making the organization’s big money 20 list means that the politicians or government officials who earn this dubious distinction have shown a history of taking large donation from corporate sources or corporate-backed packs. Members of the group routinely criticize the United States’ government of being controlled by the corporations.

Rothfus, who represents the Sewickley area, is being challenged by Democratic candidate Connor Lamb. Lamb is no stranger to the End Citizens United group either. He earned their backing in the Democratic primaries earlier this year. Although the group normally backs DNC candidates, they will back any candidate who favors finance reform and ending the influence of corporate and dark money on the country’s political system.

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Tiffany Muller, President of End Citizens United told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that they were organizing a grass roots effort to unseat Representative Rothfus. She added that she wants to see reformers who stand up to corporate interests in the House and the Senate.

Rothfus’s campaign has responded to the accusations of End Citizens United by calling it an attack from the extreme left, and an attempt to undermine the congressman’s campaign. The spokesman added that most of the candidate’s contributions have been from individuals. The spokesperson believes this calls into question End Citizens United’s credibility.

Muller did not respond to the spokesperson’s accusations, and election years are known for widening the already existing divisions. Russia is accused of using this tactic when the meddled in the 2016 presidential election. The investigation over the Trump administration’s possible collusion with Russia continues.

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