WAX Tokens Create Universal Currency for CasSelle’s New Platform

Worldwide Asset eXchange is a new player to player trading platform being introduced by Malcolm CasSelle. The tech innovator, investor, and top-level executive will be at the helm of the platform. Currently serving as CIO of digital in-game asset company OPSkins, CasSelle will also down the president’s cap for WAX. The platform will unite a collection of games over the unrestricted waters of decentralized markets, using blockchain to provide security. The platform will also utilize the concept of tokenization as a way of avoiding fragmentation. As president CasSelle is confident that WAX will prevail, even going as far as to declare the platform the future.

WAX tokens take any kind of base currency and assign it a digital value. The concept can be used for physical assets as well. Decentralized markets are plagued with fragmentation because of all the little business that get involved. If a buyer in Germany is trying to buy form a Seller in Japan the waters get very rough. A whole lot of red tape has to be worked around to satisfy the purchase, chief among it being exchanging the various currencies. This can create lag which delays purchases for a long time. Tokens bypass such lag by making all currency the same. Paper-backed currency is used to purchase tokens, the tokes are then sold for assets, and the seller can then cash in the tokens for money. Now a German buyer can grab an item from a Japanese seller quickly and with no hassle. WAX has taken this concept and has also applied it to video games. Now assets from one game can be sold for assets in another game.

The revolutionary concept will not only boost the value of digital assets but provide incentive for players as it becomes an investment. CasSelle was an early investor in bitcoin and has been following cryptocurrency very closely. He is among many who believe the gaming world to be a gateway into mainstream. Through WAX he plans to start the domino train that will lead to cryptocurrency being widely accepted.