The Evolution of Smooth

What is the “Evolution of Smooth”? You already know! It’s those adorable pastel lip balms you can never escape from at the stores! EOS is the cutest and most popular way to acquire healthy and silky smooth lips in a matter of no time! Even the ever-so-famous Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera can’t escape the obsession, and they’re smackers are always looking luscious and beautiful!

Sanjiv Mehra, co-founder and managing partner for EOS lip balm couldn’t have been any more right when he thought lip balms needed a new makeover! In addition to ultimate effectiveness, packaging is a plus and often the deciding factor in most purchases! It’s nice and terribly refreshing to see a whole new take on lip balm after spending far too long scanning the aisles for one small, bland tube of lip balm at Target supermarkets.

Let’s talk a little more about the design: how many times have you had to purchase yet another lip balm because you lost the tube in your purse? EOS had thoughtfully designed the circular shape and adorable colors of their lip balms with this common dilemma in mind. In addition to this, they recognized that lip balms have always been treated as more of a unisex product, when studies show that women are actually the ones who buy and use it the most. So EOS decided it was time to make things a little more exciting – and cute – and design an Ulta sold lip balm that not only did the trick, but was easy to find in your purse..and made you feel cute just by owning one! Bonus? EOS founders used their own funds and startup capital.

Now, what’s actually in these lip balms? All natural ingredients! As reveals, this makes sense why it would be the second best selling lip balm in the country, right under “Burt’s Bees”. Not too shabby! In creating this product, it was important to the company that the lip balm addresses all five senses; the look of the packaging and the orb, the feel of the smooth balm and the orb in your hand (both very soft), the smell and taste of the balm itself, and even the surprisingly satisfying clicking sound the orb makes when you screw it closed. EOS was a very thought out product, and was developed with the utmost care and concern for those who would be using it.

Ultimately, The EOS company wanted to focus on creating an emotional connection with the user, rather than “simply being another commodity”. This says a lot, do you think “Chapstick” gives you this much thought? Doubt it.

A company that cares, truly. All around, EOS lip balm is a feel good product! To read more in depth about the company and the exclusive interview EOS did with FAST COMPANY, follow the link below and be pleasantly satisfied!