Steve Ritchie the Newly Appointed CEO of Papa Jones

Steve Ritchie is the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of Papa Jones. This appointment was done after the mass outcry over the former CEO alleged racial outburst. The customers expressed their disappointment over the Pizza brand and Steve Richie knew that something had to be done to handle this public outcry. As a result of this, Steve Ritchie wrote an open letter to his employees, the business partners and the customers explaining some of the measures he is planning to undertake in order to solve the crisis Papa Jones had gotten into. Papa Jones had already started experiencing a decline in the sales volume. The North America outlet sales volume dropped by 6 % and Steve Ritchie noted this as a worrying trend. Ritchie Steve, therefore, had to come up with ways of handling these problems.

The first strategy Ritchie Steve initiated was the unconscious bias training which he was planning to implement across the country. He also initiated an independent cultural audit and ordered an investigation of its array. This was to be followed by implementable actions. Ritchie also made a visit to Atlanta, Dallas and other areas alongside the other leaders of Papa Jones. The purpose of this visit was to get responses from the other players and franchisees on how Papa Jones can move forward.

Ritchie Steve also added that he is forming a team of advisory specialists of diverse cultures who will help in rebranding Papa Jones and reclaiming its lost glory. He also gave an assurance that he is fully committed to embracing diversity in the leadership of Papa Jones.

Under the leadership of Ritchie Steve, the firm was planning to initiate two long-term strategies which were the expansion of Papa Jones minority-owned franchise and the establishment of a foundation which will focus on creating a positive impact in the communities where its employees reside. This strategy was aimed at bringing people together. He also highlighted that he had the interest of the business at heart. He was being driven by his belief that Pizza brings people together. He gave an assurance that Papa Jones is going to embrace fairness, respect, and equity to all because he believed that the most important part of any business is the people.