Richard Liu Qiangdong Creates Presence of Global E-commerce Retailer Jingdong

Chinese entrepreneur Richard Liu Qiangdong created a reputation in Beijing and throughout China as one of the most successful business owners in the e-commerce sector. His family witnessed his growth in developing work ethnics and ambition to become a successful business owner and leader. As he reflects on his experience in running a company, he learned valuable life lessons that helped him build his global online retailer, Jingdong or Today, it is a Fortune 500 Global Company for its dedication to environmental protection and sustaining consumption through innovative technologies.

Richard Liu surprising paid a visit to Dallas, TX to create a presence in the United States by appearing in a live interview featured on World Economic Forum Annual Meeting. He spoke openly about his early years working with his father’s business, education, experience, and the concepts behind his Chinese empire. Before Richard completed studies at Renmin University, he worked years for his family and helped build the entity. After college, he opened a restaurant and because of its low performance resulted in him closing it and starting another company.

Life wasn’t easy for Richard Liu Qiangdong as he explained in the interview, in January 2018.

He said he and his family grew up poor and had to work very hard to live in China. When his grandmother became ill, the family was in no financial situation to pay for her medication. It became the drive in motivation to start a brick & mortar store in 1998 and help financially. His one store turned into 12 physical stores throughout Beijing marketing computer accessories. Fives years after starting the store chain, Richard Liu Qiangdong was ready to go online with his store. is born in 2004, becoming the largest e-commerce retailer in Beijing and China. While Jingdong is constantly growing in China, Richard Liu is moving in a direction to explore other global markets including the United States. His trip to Dallas is a start of him promoting his business and creating a presence for his brand. He is exploring opportunities in New York and seeking a presence in the region.

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