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Robert Ivy awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy is an accomplished professional in the field of architecture. He is not just a professional but a leader in this industry. He is the CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). This is the biggest organization in the united states that deal with the welfare and development of the architecture industry. His achievements as an architect and as a leader in this field has been exceptional. He has managed to do what no other architect has done. He has held various positions of leadership for this organization as well as for various architectural publications body. His most esteemed role as an architect was running the operation of the Architectural Records as the senior editor. It is under him that the journal recorded the highest number of publication directed to making the industry better. Visit on his twitter for more updates.

Robert Ivy was recently honored for his great role in architecture. He received the prestigious Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award for his great role in the management of the industry. He has made accomplishments that have never been attempted by any other leader of the industry since AIA was formed in 1857. This award is given by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. It was the first time that an architect had won this prize. This goes to show how great of a leader Robert ivy is. The award is given to people who have done great in promoting art in the community.

Example of an earlier winner of this award is Morgan Freeman who won it in 2007. Ivy now joins the league of the distinguished men and women who have won this award. He was presented with the award in a ceremony held in June. Robert Ivy received commendation for his work as an author, leader, and critic in the architectural industry. The achievement he has made remains his biggest win since he joined the industry a few decades ago.

Robert Ivy was appointed to the role of the CEO at AIA in 2011. His leadership has seen the organization do more to enhance the welfare of the members. He has also assisted members to find a new path of practice. It is not just about construction; there are other fields where their knowledge is needed. More about of Robert Ivy:



Lori Senecal-An Innovator and a Leader in the Business World

When asked to name a few women in the world who depict the real strength of a woman, one name that will come in mind hassle-free is Lori Senecal. Senecal has been the talk of the business world since she joined CP+B in 2015 as the Global Chief Executive Officer. Since joining the organization, Lori has made an instant impact on both the business platform and the philosophy of the company. This has been possible in the sense that she created a modern agency that is not only inventive, collaborative but also instilled a sturdy local market flair. Her excellent leadership stills have been the driving force of the agency.

Lori Senecal has embraced creativity as she terms it as not just a talent but a behavior. The company has increased its revenue by 21 percent since Lori was elected as the CEO. Lori career has not been a smooth sail as many young entrepreneurs may think. It has taken Senecal a lot to reach where she is today. She once served as the CEO for MDC Partner Network. She was also appointed as the president and partner of Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners, LLC in 2009.

Lori also served as the Chief Marketing Officer DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc. At TAG, Lori served as the co-managing director as position that she excelled with flying colors. She has also worked with organizations such a Molson, Nestle, Nabisco, CocaCola, Sprint and Xbox among others. Despite her years of service at CP+B, Lori Senecal and the board of director announced she will be leaving by end of 2017. Lori said she feels confident the company will excel in its endeavors and she is thankful to have ever worked with a brilliant team in the agency. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Prior to her successful career, Lori Senecal has influenced many young leaders and scholars education wise. Lori is a holder of a Bachelor’s of Commerce degree in marketing and finance from the McGill University. She also holds robust knowledge in digital marketing strategy, advertising and integrated market. Her skills and innovative mind have contributed to her success in the global leadership platform. Senecal is also an avid user of social media and you can follow her on Twitter and Facebook and learn more about her work and achievements.


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Talkspace Mobile App Helps People With Their Struggles

There can be a moment in anyone’s life where they feel like they have nobody to talk to. They might feel like they can’t or don’t want to anyone at all. These kinds of situations can be experienced by anyone and most people do at some point in their life. This was the case for the Olympic gold medalist and Talkspace teammate, Michael Phelps. Michael Phelps experienced a depression so severe, that he didn’t talk to anyone or come out of his room for 5 days. He wondered if life was even worth living.

After realizing that he needed to talk to someone about his issues, Michael Phelps decided to talk to a therapist. He was soon able to overcome his issues and was willing to help others do the same. For this reason he decided to team up with the creators of the Talkspace mobile app. Michael Phelps wanted to help people through the use of this mobile app by sharing his experience with as many people as possible. The use of the Talkspace mobile app has many benefits. These benefits consist of being convenient, affordable, and confidential. People can send unlimited text messages to their therapists through their mobile device along with audio, video, and picture messaging.

There has been a recent article published on the crunchbase profile of the Talkspace app that discusses the many benefits of using the app to help heal work related issues. These types of issues consist of unpleasant work place situations such as prejudices and sexual harassment. The negative work place situations have been proven to have detrimental effects on the human body. These effects consist of mental, physical, and emotional issues.

Many people have also reported to be afraid of going to work due to the situations that are now known as “microagressions“. The Talkspace mobile app has reported that many if not most, of its cases are related to work place environment situations. These types of situations can slowly accumulate and cause low self esteem to many and can lead to feelings of alienation along with loss of productivity. Boom.

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OSI Group’s Amazing Progress from Small Retail Shop to Reputable Food Supplier

OSI Group is currently among the largest food providers in the world. The food producing firm has other regional officers in the United Kingdom, Germany and Netherlands among other countries. The company is rooted in the American immigrant in the 1900s. OSI Group specializes in the production of meat and other food products to both retail industries and food service industries in many parts of the world. It has a strong heritage of quality and has excelled in proving quality services to customers ever since its establishment. The multinational company was founded by a German immigrant and is based in Aurora in the State of Illinois. Today, OSI Group has more than 20,000 employees working in 65 facilities spread over 17 countries globally.

The founder of the OSI Group company was a German immigrant who moved to the United States in the 20th century. He settled in Chicago and at this time German immigrants made up a quarter of the population of Chicago city. Otto Kolschowsky started a small retail shop and butcher market in Chicago to serve his people in the community. The business expanded and within a decade, it expanded into a wholesale market that supplied meat products to other suburbs within the city.

In 1928, the company was rebranded as Otto & Sons and it continued with its commitment and stability in providing its clients with quality food products and services. During the postwar economic expansion after the Second World War initiated the partnership of two small families whose business thrived and expanded. Ray Kroc entered into a handshake business agreement with Arthur and Harry, the sons of Otto that made that allowed Otto & Sons to be the first franchise agent of McDonalds.

Kroc’s business model required Otto & Sons to supply McDonald chain of shops with food products on a regular basis. The flash freezing process that enabled meat producers to preserve large amount of meat and transport them with ease enabled the firm to maintain its consistency in supplying its meat products. Otto & Sons was rebranded as OSI Group in 1975 and has since then been excelling in providing food to its customers.


Business Expert, Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello Uses His Own Wealth To Ease The Suffering Of Children

Tony Petrello is the President and CEO of Nabors Industries where he is one of the highest paid CEOs in the United States. He has been with the company since the early 1990’s and is the reason for its amazing expansion over the last years. While his work with Nabors Industries has been impressive, many people who don’t live in Texas have no idea about his other side. This other side is his philanthropy, and he is a man who has given quite a bit of his fortune away in order to make the world a better place. His giving ranges from helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey all the way to donating money to niches within the healthcare industry that are working to improve the lives of people.

In recent years, Tony Petrello has focused in on helping children who suffer from neurological conditions and diseases. His wife, Cynthia, and himself have donated $5 million, as just part of what they will eventually donate, to the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at the Texas Children’s Hospital. He plans on donating another $2 million in the years to follow, and his donations are ensuring that kids who suffer from neurological issues will receive the best treatment. Both of the Petrellos served as chairs for a fundraising drive for the Texas Children’s Hospital that raised more than $500 million.

Tony Petrello has chosen to help kids with neurological issues for their sake and also because his own daughter, Carena, suffers from periventricular leukomalacia (PVL), which is a neurological condition. She has had to learn to do some of the kinds of things that most kids take for granted, and Tony is doing everything in his power to help her. Seeing his own daughter suffer has really opened his eyes up to the plight of so many other kids who live all around the globe. Instead of exclusively focusing on helping his own child, he has decided to use his wealth to help others, as well. This is a side of Tony Petrello that not everyone knows about, and it is just part of what makes him an amazing man.

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Freedom Checks: A Real Investment Strategy That Gives Real Profits

The term Freedom Checks stems from the leader of the program, Matt Badiali. You may have heard about this method of earning from its commercial, the Internet, or someone close to you. Although it sounds vaguely similar to a government plan, it is the brainchild of Mr. Badiali. He has worked hard to help investors who are interested in gaining a portion of the $34.6 billion payouts.

Matt Badiali has created a video that provides the details on how to understand Freedom Checks completely. You will also see testimonials that prove other people have earned through the program. Some checks were issued amounting to more than $24,000, $66,570, and almost $161,000. Visit to know more.

Freedom Checks as coined by its proprietor, is an investment strategy that involves Master Limited Partnerships or MLPs. Those who participate in the program or the investors themselves will receive payment monthly or quarterly. The returns are a part of the money they put into this working investment method.

When investors choose MLPs, it means that they are purchasing company units. As a result, they get a piece of the yield based on how well the company is doing. It is like investing in stocks, but the difference is that you will go with the gas or energy firm that you think will do great.

The program involves these companies or MLPs, which are a type of publicly traded limited partnership and combines the partnership benefits with that of the business. It means that the taxes are not like with other corporations. In fact, these checks are awarded to people, and they do not have to be concerned about tax deductions.

Just like with investing in stocks, you need a good strategy and understanding of how the market moves for these firms. The companies are required to generate 90% of their profits from natural resources in the country. You can say that the idea behind this tactic is that the firms would rather dole out their earnings to the investors who choose to invest in them instead of the government.

Approximately 568 companies belong to these MLPs and Badiali recommends about five of them. These companies own or oversee more than a billion dollars’ worth of raw materials, including oil, gas, timber, and mineral. These firms also control precious and core metals.

If successful and you invest big dollars on Freedom Checks, you are guaranteed to win big bucks as well every year.  Read more:


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Sightsavers Discovery Improves Learning for School Children

When seeking solutions to multifaceted problems, it is easy to miss the most obvious answers. Sightsavers workers saw this first hand while assisting children in Cambodia. Not only were these children struggling to learn in school, but they were also struggling to see what they needed to learn.


According to recent findings, approximately 19 million school-aged children suffer from Uncorrected Refractive Error also called URE. The eye disorder causes blurred vision because the eye is unable to focus. Usually, the child struggles with either close or far away sight. Both distance and close-up vision are essential to success in a classroom setting, so it is easy to see why learning with undetected and untreated URE is difficult.


A simple eye exam can detect URE, and a pair of prescription glasses allows these children to see clearly. When wearing glasses, kids could see and therefore, could learn. Their educational experience and future changed dramatically with a quick exam and glasses.


The problem of URE is not just a Cambodian issue. Large numbers of children and adults in developing nations struggle with vision problems related to URE. While administering routine eye exams and giving children eyewear are relatively inexpensive, creating a reliable system to make this happen is often the stumbling block that prevents delivering the care.


Supply and demand take a significant toll on coordinating efforts to screen the children. In many areas, trained medical professionals are scarce and often limited to larger cities. Additionally, coordinating efforts of various organizations can be difficult. Organizations like Sightsavers understand what actions are necessary to curb the problem of impaired vision.


As an answer to the supply and demand problem, Sightsavers teamed with the Partnership for Child Development and the World Bank to create the School Health Integrated Program. This program sends health professionals to schools rather than forcing the kids to go to health providers. Sending health care to the schools is a successful way to screen children for vision and other health problems. Scheduling these visits promotes stability and allows rechecks on children when necessary. Nutrition is also a part of the program that addresses critical facets of childhood health and wellness. Additionally, teachers learn more about nutrition and health screenings. Teacher education helps to safeguard the wellbeing of the kids in school.


Sightsavers is building a strong foundation of health and wellness with their screenings as well as pinpointing and meeting many needs.


Banyanhill, Company, Investment Firm


It is official that the most recent plan of tax has passed. What is more, organizations are as of now ready for bonuses as a result of break the duty plan is giving. Truth be told citizens should be prepared for a total of 34.6 billion dollars new payouts as from the beginning of next month. A large number of individuals are on the move to assert their Freedom Check shares, a one of a kind investment which can protect retirements.

Smith Doug from Missouri, Joplin who is forty-six years of age is expected to gather 24,075 dollars. Fifty-seven years old Luhrman Lisa from Oklahoma, Tulsa, should take a higher amount of 66,570 dollars in check. A fifty-three years old known as Mike Reed from Colorado, Golden is going to be granted an enormous amount of 160,923 dollars payout. This implies that the cash you will receive relies upon the amount you want to invest. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

Expert of Finance Matt Badiali who instituted the expression “Freedom Checks” uncovers on how anybody with no consideration to net worth or income, age is set out to collect as early as possible. Matt in a statement said that since the tax plan has successfully been implemented, the private programs Freedom Checks might turn out to be the most massive grab of cash in history. Some practical examples include Watson Bill from Wisconsin, Madison, will gather freedom checks amounting to 28,800 dollars.

Tori Sarah, from California, Sacramento is going to collect 60,000 dollars. Dorne Stanley from IIIinois, Chicago will take home a considerable amount of 285,000 dollars in total. You have now seen how it is reliable to collect Freedom Check, enroll now for full benefits.

Even though a Freedom Check may seem like a program of the federal, the fact is they don’t run it. One point you should know is that these investments which are tax-free would not be in place if it were not for the federal law 26-F Statute. It empowers over five hundred and fifty organizations to send their investors monthly or quarterly checks. The companies undertake a crucial role in oil and gas industries.

Freedom checks look like dividends, yet most MLPs call them distributions. Some investors get an amount of 160,000 dollars in each quarter of investment. The Motley Reuters and Fool have featured the foreign investments returns offer. The Freedom Check Idea additionally includes a couple of similar opportunities like the investment of real estate. Read this Article:

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Why Every Technology Company Should Listen to Michael Hagele

“I never give”. This is one of the philosophies that are likely to come out of the mouth of this renowned advisor Michael Hagele whenever he is asked how he brings his ideas into reality. Persistent in collaboration with the emerging information, is not only the practice of this legend but also for every successful entrepreneur or investor. When we look into the world of invention and discoveries, those great inventors never tried once and got the result; the invention was a result of several trials, failures but they never gave us. Michael Faraday will tell you how many times he tried before his electricity came to be. Follow Michael on Instagram

Michael Hagele has founded and funded various businesses, especially in hospitality and restaurant fields. He has worked as an in-house lawyer and helped many businesses in getting their legal rights including enabling them to get intellectual rights and commercial agreements. He has been involved in managing vast corporate transactions which involved agreements in global and domestic scope specifically in the telecommunications industry. He has been managing several functionalities in various organizations like employment, mergers, governance and many others.

Currently, Michael Hagele is one of the most crucial people in providing counsel and advisor to various technology companies involved in aerospace, internet, defense, biotechnology, and telecommunications. He is well-known to be well experienced in starting and closing perfect deals for various companies. From his experience, he learned that if he could start a small practice, then he could offer quality legal services that most technology clients wanted.

With the new technology of artificial intelligence, Michele Hagele views it as one of the most important trendies in taking business and the whole of biotechnology field to higher heights because of the availability of the data. Social media is another avenue that can truly enable an entrepreneur to connect easily with the consumers. He still maintains that no matter the platform you are using to serve your clients, always put your customers first and remember to invest in every player. Be interested in equity most than the salary.

Having studied at the University of California for his J.D and at the University of Lowa for his B.A, he is well equipped to make your company grow to the next level. Visit:



Digit payment firm PSI Pay

PSI-Pay is a cashless payment system. The firm enables this by enabling contactless payment which is first and secure. PSI-Pay provides sponsorship in payment solutions which gives business support of FCA institution regulation. The firm is regulated to use prepaid cards, debit cards and other electronic payment means in 44 currencies and more than 173 countries. PSI-Pay has been able to offer MasterCard services in the whole of European Union since 2004. The firm has dominated the international market while providing digital payments models. Its competitor is Kervs which also dominates innovation and giving alternative payments models in the banking sector. PSI-Pay and Kervs have a partnership and utilize PSI Paymaster card license to carry out contactless payments models. Its cash transactions add up to 38 million located worldwide.

Kervs clients may make payments by use of in-app purchase using their debit cards and can also make payment using their debit card. Kervs customers can auto to up or standard load their debit cards, make bank transfer payments or even PayPal. PSI-Pay managing director Phil Davies says they are delighted to work with Kervs. This will not only ensure that they dominate the market but also spread the risk of investment. Partnering with Kerv will ensure that they achieve adorable success since the world is embracing the revolutionary and trending technology in payment methods. The customers are pleased with the new system since they can cater for financial emergency needs. The system is also useful in that one does not require carrying cash around which is prone to fraudulent and bad spending habits.

Phil co-founder and managing director Phil Campbell says they can’t wait for the approaching greatness. They are creating a unique and more convenient payment model, which is secure and provide ease in data sharing and control. PSI-Pay and Kervs partnership provide capability beyond payments. Kervs contactless payments methods have won a couple of awards due to its global media coverage. Kervs exceeded its target amount of transactions in 2015 at Kickstarter. Kev has acknowledged that were it not for PSI Pay they would not have been where they are today. The partnership has opened a door in sharing of techniques, technology, and knowledge to submerge in the digital payments models. The organization has provided a model whereby they can cope with the market challenge, and together they can come up with counter solutions. Kervs the Psi pays partners won the Temenos innovation jam in the presence of global banking audience.