Women in Business

QNET Trains Women to Realize Successful Entrepreneurial Careers

Our desire as women is to get a better income from business ventures and manage to nurture our families comfortably. Our goal is to penetrate the male-dominated business world and hold supervisory and managerial positions. We also desire to establish our companies. Additionally, QNET is to be at the forefront in coming up with effective strategies for dealing with challenges that affect business across the globe. QNET is a company that has recognized our efforts and trains us on various skills that are aimed at boosting our entrepreneurial skills.

QNET nurturing young women entrepreneurs 

QNET has implemented strategies that are aimed at enlightening us on how to become better people in the society. We will be trained on how to keep our families in order and play important roles in our communities. Additionally, we will be able to realize our professional dreams.

USAID opinions on women empowerment 

USAID, the United Agency believes that progress in a society can be achieve when effective strategies tailored to address the unique needs of women are implemented. The agency believes that the society can achieve success when we are offered equal access to quality education, efficient healthcare service, as well as technology. It emphasizes that we should have equal share of natural resources such as lands. Additionally, we should capitalize on opportunities that are presented by the markets.

QNET’s strategy

QNET is offering an opportunity for women to serve as direct sellers. This opportunity will enable us to learn from experienced employees in the industry and improve our earnings. Our time management skills will be enhanced by our daily activities at QNET will be guided by our schedules.

Statistics indicates that women account for 74.4 percent of the total employees operating as direct selling agents. Our efforts and willingness to succeed has contributed to a significant growth of direct selling industry.

Company’s Overview

QNET is a direct selling firm with its headquarters in Hong Kong. The firm specializes in the selling of products such as energy, home care, fashion accessories, weight management, and luxury goods. Vijay Eswaran established the firm in 1998. A knowledgeable and highly trained team of professionals refers the firm’s products to clients as a marketing strategy. Clients that have accrued satisfying returns have described the business model used by QNET as a sound investment plan.

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Premium Dog Food

Premium Dog Food Sales Surge


Fresh meats are grinded into a delectable blend of hearty vegetables with an added splash of organic chicken broth. It sounds like a mouthwatering combination that is set to be placed on a beautiful plate in front of a prestigious management executive, but it is not. It is set on plate for a dog who is getting ready to devour a delicious blend of healthy foods which is exactly what they should be eating. Healthy, natural ingredients is what our dogs should be consuming and studies show that they are. After several years and a lot of research, manufacturers have found that more people are likely to splurge on the quality dog food for their animals. The billion dollar market continues to increase, and more products continue to enter the market.

One company that takes pride in offering quality ingredients and products is Beneful. They are manufactured by the Purina company that has been on the market for many years. They have been successful in providing dog food for generations and take a lot of pride in their products. Beneful offers natural ingredients that are not only good for your dog, but ensure that each product be placed through a rigorous testing process to make sure that it is of the utmost quality and effectiveness.

Beneful understand that all dogs are different and they certainly need different things, which is why they offer many different kinds of dog food aimed and triggering exactly what your dog needs. Our dogs get allergies and have weight problem and they understand that they need certain foods that can get them back to healthy. It is up to us to decide what to feed our dogs and more and more customers are taking the plunge and joining the premium dog food market. Be sure to check into the Walmart products offered by Beneful.



Queens of Drama Soars on the Pop Network

Queens of Drama, a new reality TV show has hit the air waves, and gives Soap Opera fans a glimpse of where some of Daytime and Primetime Soap Opera stars are today.

Soap Operas are meant to portray real life drama situations, and by doing that it creates its own reality for its viewers during Daytime and Primetime hours. Actors and Actresses have come and gone while the stories become intertwined, complicated and dramatic.

Queens of Drama puts former Soap Opera stars, Lindsay Hartley, Crystal Hunt, Vanessa Marcil, Chrystee Pharris, Hunter Tylo, and Donna Mills together in this drama filled reality show where they have to create their very own production company. This production company’s goal is to produce its own drama filled soap opera pilot for the Primetime networks. Personalities clash, words get thrown around, but the show continues on.

Crystal Hunt’s role in this new Reality show makes her step out of her comfort zone of acting and she faces new challenges of being her self in a reality TV series. She works with a team of fellow cast mates to create their very own drama series. The show has seen Crystal Hunt gain a huge Facebook following. The first season debuts 10 episodes of 6 women with clashing personalities. Some episodes include “I Don’t Do Ugly”, “Art Imitating Life”, and “Those little devils”.

Crystal Hunt is known for her roles as Lizzie Spaulding on the CBS network Soup Opera Guiding Light, and later as Stacy Morasco on the ABC network Soap Opera One Life to Live. FamousBirthdays showed Crystal has received 2 nominations for her roles in Soap Opera: Daytime Emmy Award and the Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series. She had two roles in film; The Derby Stallion and Sydney White and produced her own film, “Talbot County”.