Livio Bisterzo Makes An Impact

As CEO and Founder of Green Park Brands Inc which he created back in 2015, Livio Bisterzo is a visionary who’s business goal is to make “better for you” brand products in the health food industry, so that people everywhere can have a chance at a healthier happier living experience. Before he made this extreme impact on the health food industry he was an entrepreneur for Alvaro Group and then went on to work for a company called Little Miracle Drinks.

When he finally figured out exactly what his purposes was -something most of us die still not knowing- he pulled up his chin, sucked in his stomach, and stood tall like a superhero would before starting up his next business venture which today has created the trendy food Hippeas which is taking the health food industry by storm. These small, organic chickpea puffs are a work of brilliance that taste delicious and are a great protein filled snack in six awesome and bold flavors like Siracha Sunshine, Maple Haze, and Far Out Fajita to name a few.

These creative works of genius are vegan friendly balls of joy that will make you smile and give you that boost you’re needing for a heavy work schedule or a pick me up at the gym. Livio Bisterzo is a brilliant man who has made a timeless treat that is conscientious of the 21st century and the majority’s desire to be and feel better by paying closer attention to our diets. With his keen eye for a gap in the market, he has turned simple chickpeas into something outstanding and delicious that people world over can enjoy.

Each bag contains three grams of fiber, four grams of protein (per one ounce serving), and are all vegan, gluten-free, and organic. On each package there’s even a cute catchphrase of “packed with good vibes” just to instill that “ay, don’t worry” sense of comfort that can only truly come from the gentle personal touch of a human being’s soul making a mark that lasts. Livio Bisterzo is the embodiment of true creative kindness.