Kate Hudson on Fabletics Success and Anniversary

On October 20th, 2016 Maggie Maloney of Marie Claire wrote a piece on Kate Hudson and her Fabletics clothing brand, just as it is celebrating its third anniversary and many successes.
In the article, Kate highlighted the compounding pressures of not only co-founding a huge company, but doing so with the added pressure that comes with celebrity status. She explained the high standards set for her while being, “Under the microscope,” with everyone watching, and the added importance for her to, “Be on top of everything.”

It is safe to say that the added pressure has only helped fuel Kate and Fabletics further in all the right directions. Fabletics, which coined the term, “Athleisure,” to brand and describe their products, sells just that. It is an online retailer marketed towards women looking for fashion-forward and sexy athletic-wear-a market Kate felt was lacking. Customers sign-up to become on-line members and then pay to receive monthly outfits which are personalized to them based upon their lifestyle and fashion style.

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Kate and co-founders Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, were indeed smart to capitalize on such a market as well as the growing trend of subscription shopping on mysubscriptionaddiction.com. They now have over 400 employees, and a thousand customer service representatives, and currently rake in a revenue of a staggering $250 million per year. Kate wisely noted that with fast success comes fast pressure to keep up with that success as well as the demand for product. Proving even wiser in her business decision-making on YouTube, Kate noted that this year Fabletics will be branching out and extending its sizes, no doubt enabling them to reach a broader customer base as well as appeal to consumers as a company concerned with ethics and being as non-discriminatory as possible. With its savvy style, unique merchandise, and covergirl co-founder, Fabletics is keeping up with the ranks of other subscription surprise shopping retailers as JustFab, AdoreMe, and Smashbox Cosmetics. With such staggering success in three short years, Fabletics has proved to have staying power as well as momentum. Stay tuned to follow the companies future success, and to see what move is next for the brands All-American spokes-model and co-founder.

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