Jason Hope Generously Pledges $500,000 To Sens Research Foundation

If you want to see how much is changing our daily lives, you need to pay attention to the medical field. Over the past ten to fifteen years, we’ve seen massive improvements in medicine and treatments provided by the medical community. Now, biotechnology is poised to take over in the search for an even bigger, more important, breakthrough. The SENS Research Foundation is a non-profit organization that uses biotechnology in order to research solutions to the degenerative wear-and-tear associated with aging. Not only is the SENS Foundation focused on age-related illnesses, but they are also focused on providing a solution for aging itself. This kind of ambition caught the attention of entrepreneur Jason Hope and that is where we’ll begin our discussion. Read more on tech.co

Jason Hope is known as a futurist, an entrepreneur with his eyes on the sky and his attention focused on industries that are showcasing huge potential. For Jason Hope, the work that the SENS Foundation is attempting is so integral and important to the future of humanity that he simply had to support the work that they were doing. Hope has always believed in biotechnology and he has always believed that the way that we age and deteriorate doesn’t have to be how things always are. Like many entrepreneurs, Hope was willing to put his money and momentum behind an idea that he believed in.

Jason Hope reached out to the SENS Research Foundation after doing mountains of research into the work that they are doing out in California. In doing so, Hope was connected with Dr. Aubrey De Grey, the Chief Science Officer at the research facility and one of the brightest minds in the anti-aging field. Hope and Dr. De Grey had instant chemistry and it turned out that their goals were similarly aligned. As a result, Hope knew that he could trust the facility with a donation. Hope signed the $500,000 check and the SENS Research Foundation put it to use for their research of Arteriosclerosis. With Hope on board, the SENS Foundation has a real chance to continue their massive medical breakthroughs for the foreseeable future.

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