Digit payment firm PSI Pay

PSI-Pay is a cashless payment system. The firm enables this by enabling contactless payment which is first and secure. PSI-Pay provides sponsorship in payment solutions which gives business support of FCA institution regulation. The firm is regulated to use prepaid cards, debit cards and other electronic payment means in 44 currencies and more than 173 countries. PSI-Pay has been able to offer MasterCard services in the whole of European Union since 2004. The firm has dominated the international market while providing digital payments models. Its competitor is Kervs which also dominates innovation and giving alternative payments models in the banking sector. PSI-Pay and Kervs have a partnership and utilize PSI Paymaster card license to carry out contactless payments models. Its cash transactions add up to 38 million located worldwide.

Kervs clients may make payments by use of in-app purchase using their debit cards and can also make payment using their debit card. Kervs customers can auto to up or standard load their debit cards, make bank transfer payments or even PayPal. PSI-Pay managing director Phil Davies says they are delighted to work with Kervs. This will not only ensure that they dominate the market but also spread the risk of investment. Partnering with Kerv will ensure that they achieve adorable success since the world is embracing the revolutionary and trending technology in payment methods. The customers are pleased with the new system since they can cater for financial emergency needs. The system is also useful in that one does not require carrying cash around which is prone to fraudulent and bad spending habits.

Phil co-founder and managing director Phil Campbell says they can’t wait for the approaching greatness. They are creating a unique and more convenient payment model, which is secure and provide ease in data sharing and control. PSI-Pay and Kervs partnership provide capability beyond payments. Kervs contactless payments methods have won a couple of awards due to its global media coverage. Kervs exceeded its target amount of transactions in 2015 at Kickstarter. Kev has acknowledged that were it not for PSI Pay they would not have been where they are today. The partnership has opened a door in sharing of techniques, technology, and knowledge to submerge in the digital payments models. The organization has provided a model whereby they can cope with the market challenge, and together they can come up with counter solutions. Kervs the Psi pays partners won the Temenos innovation jam in the presence of global banking audience.