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Traveling Vineyard: Combining Your Passion and Flexible Income

With the changing seasons and the holidays just around the corner, now is the perfect time to dive into the world of Traveling Vineyard. Nothing pairs better with the interesting food flavors and aromas piping out of the kitchens these days than a nice glass of wine. Traveling Vineyard even takes it a step further and allows people to mix their passion of wine with the passion of making money and socializing, creating a business opportunity like no other!

Whether roasting chicken, baking turkey or mulling over the made from scratch apple pie your Grandmother used to bake, there are plenty of wonderful wine flavors offered by Traveling Vineyard, including:

*RED (Tria Syrah, Convict’s Reward Pinot Noir, Rayado Cabernet Sauvignon)

*WHITE (Peekaboo Chardonnay, Zeffer Hills Chardonnay, Pebble Chardonnay)

*SWEET & FIZZY (Fissata Sweet Red, Double Date Sweet Rose’)

No matter the craving, Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides have just what the doctor ordered.

Traveling Vineyard Basics

Traveling Vineyard is a great business that allows independent contractors to work hand in hand with the direct selling of wines. The company makes it easy for everyday people to earn a flexible income while socializing and sharing something that is already a passion of theirs. By hosting little get togethers/parties, the Wine Guide (independent contractor) can hang out with old and new friends, teach them a little about the wines they are tasting and make sales at the same time.

Become A Wine Guide

It is a fairly simple process to become a Wine Guide. As with just about any other business venture, there is a small investment to get started but it covers all of the tools and inventory that will be needed to become a successful Wine Guide. The best part of the business model is that there are no sales requirements/quotas and it can be done around any schedule that one might already have.

The goal of Traveling Vineyard is to make wine tastings a little more relaxed and enjoyable, as well as create an environment that offers affordable wines to those that attend the events. Wine Guides earn a commission on the products sold and they also receive discounts on their own purchases as well. These wines are high quality and have won several awards, as well!

Wine Guides have a ton of support from Traveling Vineyards. The website has several tools to aid in the processes of placing orders as well as any technical support that may be needed. They are available on pretty much every single social media presence, so contacting them and receiving all of their latest updates is as easy as pie.

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