Digit payment firm PSI Pay

PSI-Pay is a cashless payment system. The firm enables this by enabling contactless payment which is first and secure. PSI-Pay provides sponsorship in payment solutions which gives business support of FCA institution regulation. The firm is regulated to use prepaid cards, debit cards and other electronic payment means in 44 currencies and more than 173 countries. PSI-Pay has been able to offer MasterCard services in the whole of European Union since 2004. The firm has dominated the international market while providing digital payments models. Its competitor is Kervs which also dominates innovation and giving alternative payments models in the banking sector. PSI-Pay and Kervs have a partnership and utilize PSI Paymaster card license to carry out contactless payments models. Its cash transactions add up to 38 million located worldwide.

Kervs clients may make payments by use of in-app purchase using their debit cards and can also make payment using their debit card. Kervs customers can auto to up or standard load their debit cards, make bank transfer payments or even PayPal. PSI-Pay managing director Phil Davies says they are delighted to work with Kervs. This will not only ensure that they dominate the market but also spread the risk of investment. Partnering with Kerv will ensure that they achieve adorable success since the world is embracing the revolutionary and trending technology in payment methods. The customers are pleased with the new system since they can cater for financial emergency needs. The system is also useful in that one does not require carrying cash around which is prone to fraudulent and bad spending habits.

Phil co-founder and managing director Phil Campbell says they can’t wait for the approaching greatness. They are creating a unique and more convenient payment model, which is secure and provide ease in data sharing and control. PSI-Pay and Kervs partnership provide capability beyond payments. Kervs contactless payments methods have won a couple of awards due to its global media coverage. Kervs exceeded its target amount of transactions in 2015 at Kickstarter. Kev has acknowledged that were it not for PSI Pay they would not have been where they are today. The partnership has opened a door in sharing of techniques, technology, and knowledge to submerge in the digital payments models. The organization has provided a model whereby they can cope with the market challenge, and together they can come up with counter solutions. Kervs the Psi pays partners won the Temenos innovation jam in the presence of global banking audience.



Jeremy Goldstein Has An Alternative To Traditional Stock Options

Offering stock options to employees was once a highly sought part of a compensation package, but, today, it’s viewed warily by both employer and employee. For the employee, the value of the stock may drop and leave them with little in the way of compensation, which is why many people prefer a higher wage instead. Meanwhile, employers will still need to report the expenses, which leaves their shareholders holding the bag in the form of an option overhang.

There’s a better alternative, according to Jeremy Goldstein. He suggests offering knockout stock options. In this alternative, there are the same time limits and vesting requirements as with traditional stock options, but with one important exception. If the value of the stock drops below a predetermined rate, the employee loses the stock option.

In companies where the stock price is more volatile, the knockout option can end up saving the employer accounting costs. Additionally, the overhang is eliminated in this type of situation.

Additionally, employees are driven to perform better for the company. Jeremy Goldstein points out that, since they lose their stock option if the price drops, they will want to ensure the company continues to do well. This means making sure customers are satisfied, attracting new customers, and looking for ways to limit expenses. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremy-goldstein-26aa1b4

About Jeremy Goldstein

As a partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, Jeremy works with corporations, individual CEOs, and entire management teams on issues of executive compensation and governmental compliance. He specializes in providing companies with legal advice in regard to employee benefits, an area of law he knows well. He has been a business lawyer for more than 15 years and previously worked with the firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz.

Mr. Goldstein also spends time writing and speaking publicly about the areas of law in which he specializes. Additionally, he serves on a committee with the A.B.A., which oversees how acquisitions and corporate mergers affect compensation packages for executives. Several leading legal associations have also named Mr. Goldstein a top professional in regard to his executive compensation expertise.

Mr. Goldstein also works with charity organizations. He divides his time between the New Leadership Council of Make-A Wish Foundation® of Metro New York and the Board of Directors of Fountain House. Fountain House is an organization that helps men and women with mental illness seek recovery. Jeremy is as passionate about his charitable work as he is about practicing his special area of law.


Neurocore: Innovative and Logical in its Treatment of Depression

People who are looking for a treatment for mood disorders should look to Neurocore. The experts of this company actually take their time with each patient. They are far from lazy in their treatment of different mood disorders like depression. They go beyond the misconceptions of what the individual is suffering from. For instance, with depression, people often assume that it is only a chemical balance and the only way to correct it is with the use of prescription pills. While in some cases, anti-depressants can work, there are many cases where the anti depressant actually makes the case worse.

One area to look at with depression is the root cause. Neurocore is good with this part of the deal. When Neurocore deals with each patient that is suffering from depression, they make sure that they get as much information that they can. Among the pieces of information that are very important to the treatment of depression is when it started and what it was a response to. It is important to know as much about the individual including all of the traumatic experiences he may have went through in order to find the right type of treatment for the condition.

One of the ways that Neurocore treats depression is by training the brain. This is actually a very important point. All of the mood disorders are in the brain. It involves brain chemistry and wiring. Therefore, it is important to be able to tackle the issue at the brain so that they will be better able to fight off any imbalances. There are other factors to depression. For instance, deficiency in certain nutrients can leave people vulnerable to depressive episodes. Therefore, it is important for people to make sure that they are getting the nutrients they need so that they can function well.