The Environmental Conscious Rally Car Driver, RODRIGO TERPINS.

Rally car racing is one of the most extreme sports that are enjoyed by millions of people worldwide either as participants or as spectators. It required maximum concentration from the drivers, a highly competitive team and a reliable chemistry between the driver and their partner. The rally car racing is quite a complicated sport and the adrenaline from both sides, the drivers and their team, and the spectators/fans of the sport, is always high. The conditions for the game play about with the life of the participants making its hard to be the fastest while at the same time the safest. For any rally car driver, like Rodrigo Terpins, it’s very important for you to have a team of skillful, passionate and creative team. In Brazil and among the fans of the sport worldwide, Rodrigo Terpins and his prestigious team, Bull Sertoes is a household name.

The team, Terpins, and his brother participate in worldwide, professionally, and in the Sertoes race. The Sertoes race is considered the most challenging, technically and difficult rally track to be built anywhere in the world. All these factors have caused Rodrigo Terpins to have a very successful career in Brazil rally car racing. In the most recent race, Terpins and his rally car partner were amongst the top ten drivers to finish. This huge achievement showcased his skills as a racer and gave him a wider recognition and audience. For more details visit


Though Rodrigo Terpins is very skilled in the sport, he has also started to branch into the entrepreneurial world which is not uncommon for his family. His father, Jack Terpins, had a very successful basketball career before he ventured into business. Mr. Terpins measured up to his father’s bars, both in sports and in business, when he launched Floresvale. Floresville is an environmentally-conscious timber company. Check out


Floresvale is a business built on sustainability and environmental consciousness. The environmental concept was inspired by the clear-cutting of forests by other Brazilian Timber companies. Rodrigo Terpins and his business partners wanted to change the concept of pollution and disregard of the Brazilian enviroment by providing wood that has been acquired in a sustainable manner.


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The Electric Souls of Alex Paul and Andrew Taggart

The world’s one and only electropop duo the “Chainsmokers” have been taking the lead by storm. Launching their newly hit day singles, “Roses”, and “Don’t let me down”, has hit the radio stations everywhere. They have a unique and intricate style that makes them stand out in the crowd. Chainsmokers style is specifically tailored with a signature DJ twist making them a true gem.

Alex Paul had a love for the DJ world and was a DJ growing up. He began to realize that music consumed his life. The manager at the time where is was working introduced to him to Andrew. That was the beginning of Chainsmokers in the making. Andrew was in college and had a massive love for electronic music. He took an interest in being a DJ as well.

One day he decided to take a bus from New York City to Maine and that day he met Alex. It was love at first sight. They started working everyday and grinding in his garage. Four years later, Chainsmokers is a direct reflection of where they are today. Pall made it clear that they both knew what we brought to the table. They got together everyday non stop working at our music. “People relate to our music on such a deep level“(PALL). “What we’ve become bigger than anything imagined”(PALL).

ROSENZWEIG: What is it like working with Halsey?

Halsey is a great addition. She’s incredible ! Strong willed and unapologetic adds extra shine to our group.

ROSENZWEIG: Do you feel you have a strong sense of the type of person that’s connecting with your music?

PALL: Thanks to Instagram we are able to collect data that our music is reaching the demographic of 16-25 located in South Africa and the Philippines. We don’t care how young or old you are it’s just that our music makes you feel a certain way.

Taggart : We’ve grown incredibly from a college audience to audience over 30 year of age.

ROSENZWEIG:In what ways are you changing the live show and it’s visuals to cater to your expanding audience?

Alex Paul: Our future is forever Changing . The future’s so bright! In moving forward we are putting on a festival. In future plans we plan on mixing videos and visual content. We are pushing new boundaries. Our journey is endless.


Why Kevin Seawright Is Sought After in Baltimore’s Economy

Almeda University and Rocklands University is surely is proud to be associated with the Business expert, Kevin Seawright. He has become a significant figure in economic empowerment and education.

The worth of engaging him for expert advice is immeasurable. Companies across Baltimore have benefited from his vast knowledge in leadership, strategic planning, and management, operations & performance management, collective bargaining, contract Negotiation among others.

The business model he uses is probably what accords him the success. He is strategic on managing the organization structure. Any organization he has worked for he is so focused on reorganization to ensure the business economically prospers capacity and utility. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

He has majorly worked with government and its agencies, in real estate development and the education sector. In New Jersey, for instance, he has helped arise many previously struggling companies to gain stability and grow.

Going through his social media profiles more so twitter and face book, there is a lot of enthusiasm among his followers who believe in his financial expertise. He is actively involved in business coaching and enlightening the public on the market trends.

Severally, he has been featured on Worldclass Magazine, Market Wired, and Market Watch among others. He was extensively focused on by Crunch Base for his fruitful management while at Tito Contractors’ Finance and Human Capital.

About Kevin Seawright

As an alumnus of Rocklands and Almeda University, he has an accounting degree and a master degree from these institutions respectively. In the real estate sector, he has worked for Housing Authority of Baltimore and for Homeless Services, which is a part of the Housing and Community Development as a Payroll Director and in the latter as a Finance Director. For education sector, he worked as the Chief Operating Officer for the Baltimore Public Schools. Read more: Kevin Seawright Talks RPS Solutions LLC on The Larry Young Morning Show

Apparently, he is the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Newark Economic Development Corporation since 2014. He is executive his roles as an established futurist, strategist and economic adviser. Kevin volunteers as the Coach for Suffolk Virginia Recreation.

In addition, to working at NEDC, He sits with other board members for; National Black Public Administrators, National Association of Black Accountants and American Society for Public Administrator