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New Jersey’s Sam Boraie Is A Champion Of The Hungry

The Boraie name is well-known in New Brunswick, New Jersey. In fact, the Boraie name is well-known all over New Jersey. Omar Boraie was the first family member to make a mark on New Brunswick. The Egyptian chemist used his real estate development skills in the 1970s, and he turned downtown New Brunswick into a mecca for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Boraie built the first high-rise office building on Albany Street in the 1980s. Albany Street Plaza One was the inspiration for other Boraie Development projects, reveals Bloomberg. Boraie Development is still actively building new residential and office building in New Brunswick. Omar is not as active in the business as he once was. He is involved in some of the cancer research that Rutgers University Hospital is known for. Sam Boraie, his brother, Wasseem, and his sister, Hiam are involved in current Boraie Development projects.

Sam Boraie decided to spread the family business to other New Jersey cities. Boraie Development was involved in the One Riverview residential building in Newark, and the new Beach at South Inlet residential project in Atlantic City. Sam and his family are still active in the revitalization of New Brunswick. The company is headquartered in one of their office buildings on Albany Street, and Sam is active in the Elijah’s Promise program. Elijah’s Promise is the nonprofit that feeds New Jersey’s homeless, and the organization feeds people that can’t afford to pay much to eat. The Elijah’s Promise soup kitchen feeds hundreds of people every day, and the Elijah’s Promise café is open daily. The café is a pay-as-you-can program where people can eat and only pay what they can afford. Sam Boraie sits on the board of Elijah’s Promise, and he believes Elijah’s Promise is one of the most humane programs in the state.

The New Brunswick State Theater ( is another Sam Boraie passion. The New Brunswick State Theater has been entertaining people since 1921. Sam is a board member. Boraie was instrumental in the recent State Theater restoration project. Thanks to Boraie, and other board members, the theater was restored to its original 1920s style. The entertainment and education venues have been updated. People are coming back to enjoy the top names that come to the State Theater to entertain. Sam Boraie thinks the New Brunswick State Theater is one of the city’s best attractions.

But there are other great attractions in New Brunswick. Sam Boraie is proud he had a hand in some of them. Bringing the medical industry to the city is one of those great attractions and revitalizing the downtown area is another. The downtown restaurants, retail shops, condominiums, and apartments would not exist today without the influence and the work of Boraie Development, New Brunswick is a model for other cities in New Jersey. The restoration of the city gives cities like Camden and Trenton hope. There’s little doubt. Sam Boraie and his family will help those cities come back to life again soon.