Professional Hair Treatment

Professional Hair Care For The Home User

The all new hype when it comes to hair products is the new WEN range by Chaz Dean [visit:]. This all new range of products incorporates a unique formula which allows consumers to get professional hair salon results in the comfort of their home. The Wen Cleansing Conditioner utilizes a very unique 5 in 1 formula which replaces several different products combining them into one. These products are a leave in conditioner, a shampoo, a deep conditioner, a detangler and a regular conditioner. No longer is necessary to buy all these products separately. Simply apply the cleansing conditioner to the hair and follow the usage instructions accurately.
The ingredients found in the WEN Conditioning Cleanser are all natural ingredients which ensures moisture, strength and vitality of hair. These ingredients include glycerin, chamomile extract, wild cherry bark, rosemary extract and panthenol. Panthenol is used to reestablish the hairs natural resilience as well as strengthen it. Rosemary extract and chamomile extract is both incorporated in order to soothe the hair and relax it allowing for easier styling. Wild cherry bark is a natural conditioner while glycerin moisturizes. All users of the WEN conditioning cleanser have reported that they experienced increased moisturization and 97 percent noticed increased shine.

These experiences by users are similar to the results experienced by Emily McClure a blogger for the website. She tested the cleansing conditioner during her work week and got phenomenal results. Her hair increased in volume, shine and natural moisture from the very first usage. This was not only experienced by her in person but also by her close friends who noticed her hairs brilliance. Emily used the Sephora Fig scented conditioning cleanser by WEN however there is also the option of the Amazon sweet almond mint version.

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