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Yeonmi Park’s Quest for Liberation as Detailed by her Book, In Order to Live

Yeonmi Park’s story has been narrated in many spheres whenever the topic regarding the harrowing story of North Korea emerges. Apart from her narration of the experience she went through, she released a book with in-depth details about the entire experience in and after fleeing North Korea.

In Yeonmi Park’s Amazon released book (In Order to Live), she painted a picture of the civil strife and poverty in North Korea. She wrote that her aspirations during her escape from North Korea did not include freedom rather the well-being of her family. She wrote that the continued stay in North Korea would have ended tragically since her family faced the risk of disease, inhuman situations and starvation in the labor camps. The severity of the famine is clearly shown where she said that she would have given her life to get a bowl of rice.

Yeonmi Park’s story also reveals how she was robbed her childhood life since a significant part of her life was wasted in China during her escape from North Korea. The story also sheds light on the issue of sexual slavery in Asian countries as Park and her mother became victims of the inhuman trade in China. Her story is a representation of the deprivations millions of other North Koreans faced while others lost their lives.

Details about Yeonmi ParK

Park is currently a human rights activist, recently spoke on The Reason and North Korean defector. She was born on October 4, 1993, and lived in North Korea for a short period before fleeing to China in a bid to escape the harsh conditions of her native nation. Life in North Korea became difficult for Yeonmi Park and her family after her father was captured and imprisoned in a labor camp. This was because of engaging in black market trading after the collapse of North Korea’s economy.

At the One Young World Summit of 2014 held in Dublin, Ireland she raised eyebrows with her speech, which later propelled her to international prominence. On YouTube, her speech has garnered more than two million views.