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Mondays Will Journey into the Supernatural on the Jericho Network

The Jericho Network will soon welcome a new, more mystical, podcast to its lineup, PodcastOne chairman Norman Pattiz announced late last year. “Beyond the Darkness” will soon be available on Mondays in 2017.

Head of the Jericho Network and well-known WWE star, Chris Jericho, is delighted to introduce new hosts to “Beyond the Darkness”, Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis, as they debate and examine unearthly subjects with top researchers and authorities of the supernatural, including everything from the divine to what goes bump in the night. Current Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz, is excited by how well the Jericho Network has evolved under Jericho’s care.

Norman Pattiz himself is also new to podcasting, his career began in the seventies with the launch of Westwood One, a radio network that is the largest in America’s broadcasting industry. Almost all of the most known sports, news, and entertainment broadcasting are at Westwood One.

This notoriety and success followed Pattiz throughout the many facets of his career, such as Alhurra Television. Pattiz has also had the honor of serving on the Broadcasting Board of Governors and serving as Chairman of the Livermore as well as Los Alamos National Security Laboratories. His career and skills have earned him such recognition as The Freedom of Speech Award and the Giants of Broadcasting Award given by Library of American Broadcasting.

As he left his decades in broadcasting, a chance encounter with Podcast Representative Kit Gray introduced him to the new format of informing the public, podcasting. Gray emphasized the similarities between podcasts and broadcasts and in June of last year, Pattiz excitedly launched PodcastOne and PodcastOne Sales. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: https://www.facebook.com/normanpattiz

According to Crunchbase, despite the similarities, Norman Pattiz has had to learn to embrace the diversity that comes with each workday at PodcastOne, where he will do everything from ad sales to search for new ideas and fresh faces.

The thing that has surprised him most, however, is how readily information is available in the podcasting business. In this world where anyone can become an expert, success depends on the democratic interaction between the company and the consumer. They alone can determine the success or failure of a network. Despite the differences in format, Pattiz embraces this new way of doing things and looks to a bright future for PodcastOne.