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Better Sleep Patterns With WiFi Enabled LED Lights By Gooee

It has been shown that there is a correlation between the artificial lights humans spend their days and nights under, and insomnia. The human eye can confuse being under office lights and bright lights in the evening hours at home with sunlight, and it throws off their natural circadian rhythms. The circadian rhythms regulate waking and sleeping hours based on how many hours are spent in the sunlight. The body naturally wants to shut off and sleep at night, but because there are so many hours being spent under artificial light, it becomes harder for the body to switch into sleep mode.


Innovations in LED light like the ones developed by Gooee, can help to automate human health by being able to wirelessly control LED lights. If the human body naturally needs to wind down around evening hours, the lights in the home can be adjusted to a dimmer setting with the touch of a button while keeping one task lamp bright for completing what needs to be done in evening hours. This simple adjustment can be made with the touch of the button on a tablet and it will bring all of the LED lights or LED sockets down to the ideal dimness to promote sleep and relaxation while that bright task light still allows for things to get done. And then when it’s time to off for bed, the lights switch off behind the person leaving the room, and they can enter a bedroom lit ideally for sleep.