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The Work of Deirdre Baggot

Deirdre Baggot has made a major impact on the world of health. She has stablished herself as one of the most influential people within the industry. A native of Denver, Colorado, Baggot is a graduate of Loyola University’s Quinlan School of Business. Baggot has held several leadership positions that prove she has the abiity to improve a business and take it to the next level.

Deirdre Baggot began her career in the late 1990’s. During this time she began working as a nurse and a resource coordinator at at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. She worked at this position for more than six years before making a move to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Here she became a a business analyst for the University of Michigan Health System. Baggot really began to develop her skills during this time. She earned the Lean/Six Sigma Certification and was recognized for her outstanding work in leadership and safety. Deirdre was really beginning to develop her skill and found her way moving along in her career again. Check out to read more about Baggot

Baggot would soon make a major career move. She chose to move back to Denver where she became a senior administrator with the Cardiac and Vascular Institute. During this time Baggot was responsible for managing close to 500 employees. She demonstrated that she was one of the industry’s most skilled and experienced business analysts. She showed she was an excellent employee recruiter and helped to open more then eleven clinics in the Denver and surrounding areas.

Deirdre Baggot would make yet one more major career move. She would leave Denver and move to Los Angeles. She would take over as Senior Vice-President for GE Healthcare Partners. She helped to strengthen the company increasing revenue to more than 6.6 million dollars. Baggot has built an impressive career and a reputation as being an expert in her industry.

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How Waiakea Water Stands Out From The Competition

The global bottled water industry went from nothing a few decades ago to one that is now worth over $100 billion. Per capita, Italy is the nation where bottled water is the most popular. Back in the 1980s, most people would have scoffed if you asked them to spend money on water in a bottle versus just getting it out of their tap for free basically. Nowadays many people think nothing of spending money on it which is a pretty big paradigm shift.

Many of the companies in the bottled water industry try to do something unique in order to attract attention and sales. They will explain what is unique about their brand and why it’s the superior choice. They might supplement the water with vitamins or minerals or come up with some filtration process that nobody has used before.

Waiakea Water is one of the brands trying to stand out. One way they do so is by selling water that has bee filtered by an honest to goodness volcano which is pretty unique. This Hawaiian company gets its water from Mauna Loa volcano where it drips down through 14,000 vertical feet of porous rock.

As the Waiakea Water is going down through Mauna Loa volcano it picks up a host of healthy minerals and electrolytes. Another volcanic water benefit is that it is naturally alkaline with a PH of 8.8. This is important because studies have indicated that alkaline water is very healthy to drink as it restores the natural PH balance of the body.

Another way Waiakea Water stands out is because they follow the Hawaiian custom of “malama i ka’aina“. This translates to “respect and care for the land”. They are an Earth-friendly venture in a few different ways. First, their water bottles and packaging are entirely made from recycled products. They also ship their products to the Mainland using low emission shipping. They are also involved with reforestation projects and other ways to offset the carbon that their business creates. These efforts have led to Waiakea Water being certified as CarbonNeutral.