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Neurocore’s Brain Training Improves Professional Athletic Performance

Ask Reporter recently published the article “Neurocore Brain Training Centers Boost Performance”. The article reveals how the brain can improve through reward based training which takes advantage of the brain’s dependency on various chemicals like dopamine and neuroplasticity. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The article reveals that Neurocore, a company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan can help train the brain to function better, reducing stress and improving the ability of patients to focus. Though the company originally started ten years ago with the intent of helping children and adults deal with ADD and ADHD as well as varying sleep disorders. Since its founding, Neurocore has expanded to a variety of locations across Michigan and Florida. The brain function optimization the company offers can have a major impact on anyone’s mental health.

One such group of patients that has seen improvements through brain training is athletes. Athletes understand the impact of one’s mindset on performance. The article provides the example of Cousins who was selected by the NFL in the fourth round. The athlete unfortunately had a downward spiral of varying mistakes which caused his brain to panic instead of allowing him to perform at optimal levels.

As soon as he recognized the downward spiral, he started working with Dr. Royer of Neurocore to create an intence training plan for his brain. The training was designed to help him “get in the zone” that requires a relaxed, but still conscious mind that can tap into muscle memory and the subconscious abilities. The original assessment revealed that the athlete’s brain was consistently in hyper drive, which caused his body to be constantly producing hormones like adrenaline. This prevented his mind and body from recovering after games and caused him to be in a constant state of stress. After the training, Cousins felt he could maximize the mental and emotional brain to help improve his physical performance.


However, the training isn’t just available to high-performance athletes. The brain training is a simple exercise. The patient simply watches a movie while the brain is monitored for electrical activity. When the brain stops focusing on the movie and begins to think of other things, the monitors turn off the movie. When the mind relaxes, the movie starts again, creating a reward system to keep the brain in an optimal state of relaxation and focus. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.