Hair Boost

The WEN System Gives Boost and Shine to Blogger’s Hair

Emily McClure is a beauty blogger for who enjoys trying out different products for her face, hair and body. This time, she chose the WEN hair cleansing conditioners to see if the world-famous no-poo method would deliver on the high gloss and manageability for her fine, sad hair.
Just about everyone has heard and seen QVC commercials of the WEN system. Stylist Chaz Dean had developed the no-shampoo cleansing so women and men could see a major difference and simplify their hair care routine. Typical shampoos contain harsh sulfates and detergents that can damage and strip the hair, doing your locks little favors. The system is nothing like the others.

The cleansing conditioners by WEN are formulated with natural botanicals that nourish the hair, providing lots of shine, volume and easy to manage locks. You can choose from several cleansing conditioners, so Emily chose FIG, which provides serious hydration without a lather.

Emily took hair selfies each morning after using WEN during her shower. She found her hair to be glossy, healthy-feeling and able to hold a curl. One time she skipped the WEN wash altogether in the morning, because she had a busy day on tap. Her hair did not stay manageable when she broke the routine and down it went.

When she did use WEN daily, people noticed, even several hours later in the evening. Emily received lots of compliments about her hair while she met up for drinks with facebook friends. The WEN system delivers when directions are followed. Hair feels healthy, takes on extra shine and has beautiful movement. Wen hair is available on