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Andrew Rolfe Is A Revered Authority At The Ubuntu Education Fund

The growth and success of the leading organizations has always been correlated to their leadership team. Andrew Rolfe is one of the leaders who have ensured that the charity organization runs as a going concern. Having been in operation for over a decade, the company has succeeded in helping more than 400,000 disadvantaged children in the society. Notably, the Fund has a noble cradle-to-career program. This program seeks to take care of the needy children once they join the institution up until they begin their respective careers.

Recently, Andrew and his management team organized for the Fund’s gala dinner in London. The event was well-attended. During the planning stages, the management of the Fund was optimistic of raising more than $ 972,960. After the curtains of the invitation-only event were drawn, the Ubuntu Fund had managed to surpass their initial target. According to the management of the firm, the raised funds would be invested in expanding the capacity of their Port Elizabeth’s campus in South Africa. In addition, some resources would be used for augmenting the pediatric clinic, which is located within the institution. This way, the Fund would be able to support many needy children in the society.

During the event, Jacob Lief, who is one of the founders of the institution, took to the podium to deliver his speech. In his concluding remarks, he said that children need virtually everything for them to grow. In addition, Sinesipho Rabidyani was in attendance. She talked of how as a young girl, she would dread going home from school because of her father’s drinking behavior. However, she focused on her studies and excelled in her exams. Her incredible story touched the leadership of the Ubuntu Fund who reciprocated their good gesture by awarding her a scholarship. Presently, she is pursuing a degree in law at the university.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew serves as the chairperson of the renowned Ubuntu Education Fund. As part of his duty, Rolfe is heavily involved in ensuring that all the operations of the institution are run successfully. His transformative leadership has helped the firm to grow and support many children in the society.

Notably, Andrew has a sound educational background. He is a proud alumnus of the University of Oxford and Harvard University. Andrew has rendered his services for Pret A. Manger and Booker Foodservice.