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Jason Hope Is A Futurist And An Optimist


Jason Hope is an Arizona native who was born and raised in that place, and who even received his college degree from the Arizona State University. He studied finance, and he has been able to use his degree in the investing and philanthropical work that he does. He is also passionate about politics, and he has been doing all that he can to make a difference for his state in all of the work that he does.

Jason Hope is involved in investing, and he is able to give a lot of money to charity because of that. He has recently given half a million dollars to SENS, which is a nonprofit that is trying to help prevent age-related disease. Jason Hope believes that the organization will be able to make a big difference for the future because he believes that it is important not only to treat illnesses but also to prevent them. He believes that it is important to use medicine in the right way, and he wants to help people live longer and healthier lives. He is happy to partner with this company financially because he believes that the future will be changed by it.

Jason Hope sells inspiring and playful t-shirts. He hires bright people to work for his t-shirt company, and he is always looking for someone new to hire at the Arizona location. He is excited about what he is doing through this company and the people that he is able to work with through it. Jason Hope takes on many ventures and succeeds with them all because of the passion that he has for making a difference in the world. He is a futurist, and he is a great entrepreneur because he is not afraid to do things in a different way than everyone else.

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SoftBank Purchases Private Equity Firm Fortress Investment Group

It was announced early in 2017 that SoftBank had plans to purchase alternative investment firm Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 billion pending approval. The proposed merger was agreed upon by a Special Committee from the Fortress Board of Directors. Shareholders of the purchased company will be receiving a 38% premium on the closing price of their stock as of Feb 13, 2017, which equals out to $6.08 per share. If the deal was not completed by the payment date, the company had plans to include a dividend of $.09 for the 4th quarter.

The principals of Fortress Investment Group will still be keeping control of the management of the company. When put to a vote, 99.7% of their shareholders that reported agreed with the terms of the merger as well as the price that they were being offered for their shares. The merger was completed late in 2017 and the company will be operating in a similar way as they have in the past as one of the terms of the agreement. According to an interview with Wes Edens, one of the Fortress principals, the day to day operations of the equity firm have not really experienced much of a change since it was purchased. He’s excited to be private as he no longer has to make calls about earnings.


The purchase by SoftBank makes the private equity firm the first firm in the United States to be delisted from the NYSE. This development is something that the executive team at Fortress Investment Group is excited about as they believe that it will give their company more opportunity to grow. After new regulations were enforced on publicly traded companies, there were decisions that Fortress had to make to appease shareholders as opposed to strengthen their business. SoftBank is one of the world’s largest technology investors but was looking to expand their business to other sectors like finance. They enjoy the experience and expertise that Fortress Investment Group has to offer and know that it is a good part of their portfolio to take those first steps into becoming a huge name in financing.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong Creates Presence of Global E-commerce Retailer Jingdong

Chinese entrepreneur Richard Liu Qiangdong created a reputation in Beijing and throughout China as one of the most successful business owners in the e-commerce sector. His family witnessed his growth in developing work ethnics and ambition to become a successful business owner and leader. As he reflects on his experience in running a company, he learned valuable life lessons that helped him build his global online retailer, Jingdong or Today, it is a Fortune 500 Global Company for its dedication to environmental protection and sustaining consumption through innovative technologies.

Richard Liu surprising paid a visit to Dallas, TX to create a presence in the United States by appearing in a live interview featured on World Economic Forum Annual Meeting. He spoke openly about his early years working with his father’s business, education, experience, and the concepts behind his Chinese empire. Before Richard completed studies at Renmin University, he worked years for his family and helped build the entity. After college, he opened a restaurant and because of its low performance resulted in him closing it and starting another company.

Life wasn’t easy for Richard Liu Qiangdong as he explained in the interview, in January 2018.

He said he and his family grew up poor and had to work very hard to live in China. When his grandmother became ill, the family was in no financial situation to pay for her medication. It became the drive in motivation to start a brick & mortar store in 1998 and help financially. His one store turned into 12 physical stores throughout Beijing marketing computer accessories. Fives years after starting the store chain, Richard Liu Qiangdong was ready to go online with his store. is born in 2004, becoming the largest e-commerce retailer in Beijing and China. While Jingdong is constantly growing in China, Richard Liu is moving in a direction to explore other global markets including the United States. His trip to Dallas is a start of him promoting his business and creating a presence for his brand. He is exploring opportunities in New York and seeking a presence in the region.

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Gareth Henry’s Constant Motion Career Life

Some call Gareth Henry unique, while others see him as a rarity. Whichever way you choose to look at it, not many have achieved what Gareth has done in his life. In 1997, the financial guru attended Heriot-Watt University where his love for mathematics would earn him an Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics Bachelor Degree. View Gareth Henry’s profile at Linkedin.

Building a Career

Gareth Henry worked for Watson Wyatt as an analyst in the manager research team. He joined the company right after graduating. Gareth later migrated to the company’s Global Investment Management Services team. He remained in that wing of the company until 2004. That same year, the guru joined SEI Investments. His stint at the company involved investment management in the areas of pension funds, consultants, and insurance.

In 2005, Gareth Henry made another step in his career journey by joining Shroders to play a director’s role. He worked for the company for two years and joined Fortress Investment Group. It was a job that made him move into the US so that he could efficiently play his role as Head of International Investor Relations. At Fortress, Gareth made a name for himself after raising significant capital for the company’s real estate, private credit, private equity, and hedge funds.

The job at Fortress involved engaging with Europe’s, Asia’s, Middle East’s, and US’ investors. He also oversaw the company’s $4 billion hedge fund and Asian distribution agreements. His success made Institutional Investor (a renowned magazine) to describe his work as phenomenal. It was partly because the financial guru established great ties to wealth funds, insurance companies, and pension funds.

Gareth Henry has achieved a lot for Fortress by incorporating hard work and relationship building. You would expect someone who reaches such heights to be old and wise. Gareth is wise, but not old. His achievements at Fortress came about when he was just 32. Even more baffling, he was succeeding in an area his ‘math geek’ peers were afraid to venture.

After Fortress, Gareth Henry joined Angelo Gordon (AG). His stint there lasted up to 2018 (February). AG is a company that manages over $26 billion in credit investments, private equity, and real estate. Company President, Lawrence Schloss says they hired Gareth because of his extensive global investor relations experience.

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Cloudwick offers cost-effective data solutions

Cloudwick has become one of the most trusted names in advanced business data storage, analytics and cybersecurity. The company has been around for nearly the entire revolution in cloud-based data storage, making it one of the leading entities in the implementation of these novel data systems.

Cloudwick offers companies large and small a level of functionality that is higher than anything else on the market. And they are able to do it at incredibly low costs. In fact, Cloudwick is one of the few companies in the cloud-based data storage business that uses a fixed-cost pricing model rather than a quote-based system.

Cloudwick can help companies to make the often-fraught transition from older, location-based legacy data storage systems to state-of-the-art cloud computing, including the use of cutting-edge data structures like data lakes. Cloudwick is also an industry leader in the use of machine learning for the purpose of enterprise knowledge discovery. The company has some of the top data scientists in the industry working among its staff. And it has helped hundreds of the largest companies in the United States to make the transition to the cloud, seamlessly and with a minimum of cost.

Data lakes can boost competitiveness like nothing else

For too many companies, an in-house SQL server isn’t their data storage system, it’s their problem. Continuing to use inefficient legacy data storage systems can prevent companies from gaining the critical business insights that they need and gaining the competitive edge that results from them.

Moving to a data lake in the cloud can instantly add massive capability to generate insights and to store vast quantities of both structured and unstructured data that simply aren’t possible to handle in older data warehousing systems. On top of that, the cloud offers total protection of data as well as instant access at any time and any place in the world.

With the advanced machine-learning analytics that run on top of Cloudwick data lakes, businesses can directly attack any exploitable area in their markets while learning to avoid pitfalls as well as containing unnecessary costs. Although there is an up-front cost, the returns for modernizing data storage with the cloud are almost incalculable.

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The Journey OSI Industries to the Top in Food Industry

OSI Group is an American company that is currently the leading supplier of custom value-added foods globally. The company supplies quality food products to most of the best food service and retail food brands in the world like McDonald and Starbucks. The company started as a small corner butcher shop that was owned by a German who had migrated to the United States in 1902. The butchery that had been named Otto & Sons by the Germans sold quality meat to customers in some suburb in Chicago and within a short period, it attracted a lot of loyal customers. Basing the number of customers that the butchery had attracted, Otto and his family decided to move their butchery to some other part of Chicago where they opened a retail butchery shop where they sold quality meat to hundreds of loyal customers. Visit their page at facebook.

The Growth of OSI Group

OSI Industries has been able to grow at an alarming rate for the past years due to its value of selling quality food products to their clients at all times. According to the company’s chief executive officer, the company is not only interested in making more profits like other companies but they are also determined to make sure that they satisfy their clients at all times. Otto & Sons  best food supplier in the international market when they started supplying quality beef to McDonald Restaurant which was opened by Ray.

The company currently has extensive capabilities which include custom food product development and global food supply chain management which they are able to carry out by processing and distributing. The company has grown from having less than ten employees in Chicago to managing over 20, 000 employees who are well paid and constantly managed in order to deliver their quality services for the company. The OSI Industries also has more 65 facilities that are operating in more than 17 countries which are always determined to produce and distribute custom-made food products to there who are located in different parts of the world. Visit:

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How Waiakea Water Stands Out From The Competition

The global bottled water industry went from nothing a few decades ago to one that is now worth over $100 billion. Per capita, Italy is the nation where bottled water is the most popular. Back in the 1980s, most people would have scoffed if you asked them to spend money on water in a bottle versus just getting it out of their tap for free basically. Nowadays many people think nothing of spending money on it which is a pretty big paradigm shift.

Many of the companies in the bottled water industry try to do something unique in order to attract attention and sales. They will explain what is unique about their brand and why it’s the superior choice. They might supplement the water with vitamins or minerals or come up with some filtration process that nobody has used before.

Waiakea Water is one of the brands trying to stand out. One way they do so is by selling water that has bee filtered by an honest to goodness volcano which is pretty unique. This Hawaiian company gets its water from Mauna Loa volcano where it drips down through 14,000 vertical feet of porous rock.

As the Waiakea Water is going down through Mauna Loa volcano it picks up a host of healthy minerals and electrolytes. Another volcanic water benefit is that it is naturally alkaline with a PH of 8.8. This is important because studies have indicated that alkaline water is very healthy to drink as it restores the natural PH balance of the body.

Another way Waiakea Water stands out is because they follow the Hawaiian custom of “malama i ka’aina“. This translates to “respect and care for the land”. They are an Earth-friendly venture in a few different ways. First, their water bottles and packaging are entirely made from recycled products. They also ship their products to the Mainland using low emission shipping. They are also involved with reforestation projects and other ways to offset the carbon that their business creates. These efforts have led to Waiakea Water being certified as CarbonNeutral.

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From being perceived as a joke, to being CEO of one of the most renowned dating apps, a look at how Whitney Wolfe did it

At only twenty years old, Whitney Wolfe has achieved what myriads of people twice her age are still building castles about. Currently the chief executive officer of Bumble, one of the most renowned and also fastest-growing dating apps in the world, Whitney Wolfe began as an employee at Tinder, also a famed dating app. However, in 2014, Whitney resigned and sued the company on grounds of sexual harassment. Whitney revealed that Justin Mateen, her ex-boyfriend and former boss at Tinder had sent her abusive texts, and even gone to the extent of referring to her as a whore after she put an end to their relationship. Whitney also revealed that one of the co-founders of the firm also said that having a female co-founder as part of the company, made Tinder seem like a joke to the outside world. Read more about Whitney Wolfe at Wikipedia

It is thanks to these chauvinistic acts that Whitney Wolfe decided to create bumble, a company aimed at not only making dating easier but also at creating a world where women can seek career growth and success without any discrimination. She however revealed that despite the success she is currently experiencing now, what she went through before resigning from Tinder caused her to go into a deep depression and establishing Bumble was her ultimate revenge and the only way that she was able to recover. Today, Bumble stands as Tinder’s top competition and according to experts, her company will have caught up and even surpassed her rival’s success in a few years. Whitney’s case against Tinder was settled at an undisclosed sum.

Whitney Herd urges women not to engage with male bullies and harassers who go about giving unwanted complements. She urges them to tell them off because doing so not only gives them peace of mind, but is also not worth their time. She further urges them to make the first move in a relation and additionally not to take it personally when they are rejected because she, herself has been rejected severally.

More about Whitney Herd

Currently married to a loving and successful man known as Michael Herd, Whitney Wolfe is undoubtedly the perfect example of strength of a woman. From being sexually harassed and depressed, to being CEO of one of the fastest growing companies and also being listed on Forbes 30 under 30 list, Whitney is no doubt a pace setter to all women out there struggling to get to the apex of success in a male dominated world.

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James River Capital Corporation, a Force of Innovation

James River Capital Corporation, commonly referred to as James River, is a United States company, which offers investment advisory services to individuals and institutions. James River specializes in investment management and commodity trading, among several other investment services. The company was founded in 1986 and was known as KP Futures Management Corp then. Upon its foundation, James River served as the investment arm of Kidder, Peabody & Company. In 1995, the company became independent. Kevin Brandt and Paul Saunders acquired the enterprise from Kidder, Peabody & Company, and became senior officers in the investment department. Soon afterward, James River was registered with the SEC as an investment advisory firm, and with the CFTC as a Commodity Pool Operator. The company is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia.

Part of the highly motivated, experienced, and knowledgeable team behind the success of James River is its principal and founder, Paul Saunders. Besides founding other affiliates of the company, Paul is the expert responsible for the management of James River’s hedge funds portfolio. He is also the Chief Executive Officer and chairperson of James River Financial Corp. as well as James River Capital. Paul is a seasoned business manager. Since 1979, he worked at the Corporate Finance Department of Warburg Paribas Becker. Between 1980 and 1973, he served at A.G. Becker, Commodity Department. Paul served as the Director, Commodity Funds and Managed Accounts at Kidder, Peabody & Company. He has also served as the president of KP Futures Management before it changed to James River in 1995. He holds a bachelor’s of arts from the University of Virginia and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Chicago. Learn more:

James River capital offers advisory services on a wide range of investment areas, especially on management. The company advocates for some few necessary changes and strategies that leaders need to adopt in order to ensure effectiveness in a workplace. One such strategy is the critical mentality shift strategy. James River cites Facebook as a textbook example of a company that has effectively used the critical mentality shift strategy. The managers at Facebook support their work teams, rather than lead them as is the common norm in most organizations. The deviation from “leading” to “supporting” is a complete game changer in the relationship between the managers and those under their supervision. The team becomes more productive due to enhanced work relationships.

The other strategy that James River advocates for is allowing of escalation at workplaces. Managers should let their workers express their opinion freely. According to research by renowned psychologists, workers become more productive with increased liberty. Open and transparent communication opens an opportunity for workers to give a valuable contribution, which in turn, brings innovation. During, meetings, the managers should accord every worker a chance to speak or express their opinion. A workplace, where workers fear victimization, breeds psychological insecurity. The workers withhold information, even if it would have been beneficial to the organization.


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GreenSky Credit Drumming Up Some Serious Coin

GreenSky Credit started humbly enough. Founder David Zalik hails from Atlanta where he was a math genius in high school. His high school shipped them off to Auburn University at the age of 14 where he started his first company. He was building computers from scratch for Auburn University students when he decided to drop out of college. He was making too much money. He also had the idea for GreenSky Credit.

Respect For Zalik

This is where I gain a lot of respect for the founder of the financial tech company. He quite literally put everything on the line by taking out a $10 million loan using his family’s Georgia real estate as collateral. He’s also fought outside investors. He’s worked very hard to keep controlling interest of his company which is now one of the most valuable privately owned companies in the world.

Relationship With Banks

Of the major things that set GreenSky Credit apart from other financial tech companies is its relationship with conventional banks. In fact, GreenSky Credit Just signed a $50 billion lending deal with Fifth Third Bank out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Other financial tech companies like to fund loans on their own while David Zalik sees it more prudent to get loans through traditional banks. After all, traditional banks will take on all of the default risks while sharing some of the profit with the financial tech company.

GreenSky Credit maintains relationships with over 12 different banks. The company makes mountains of money being a loan middleman. Essentially, homeowners tap into the financial tech company’s app to secure home improvement loans. The financial tech company also gets some of the profit from the contractors that perform the home improvements.

Profiting Without Ownership

Herein lies the brilliance of GreenSky Credit. They don’t own an ounce of inventory. They don’t have tools, workers or trucks like contractors. They don’t own the loan which can default. They essentially profit billions of dollars by offering incredible convenience to both the bank and the homeowner. You can read more about this amazing company on Forbes, the Wall Street Journal and Wikipedia.