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Fortress Investment Group And Virgin Teaming Up For Passenger Train Project Expansion

The new strategic partnership between Brightline by Fortress Investment Group and Virgin is sure to shake up the travel industry. The private passenger train first opened up their first stops in May 2018 in West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. The project caught the eye of Richard Branson who later had a talk with Wes Edens, a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, in the newly opened Brightline station in Miami. Even though the rail line was still in its infancy at that point, they still discussed the concept of expanding the airlines to different cities across the United States and eventually nationwide. Read the article about Fortress at

At some point in 2019, Brightline will begin using the branding Virgin Trains USA and will be marketed by the team at Virgin as well. Virgin is well known for their marketing campaigns and high levels of brand recognition which is great for the future of Brightline. As part of the deal, Virgin is investing in Brightline in a minority position and will also become stakeholders. Fortress Investment Group and executives of Brightline will be managing this investment into the company.

Fortress Investment Group is known for being innovative and they are hoping to reinvent passenger train travel in the United States. Brightline is the only passenger train with intercity stops that is privately funded in all of the United States. While they may only be in Florida now, there are already many plans in the works to expand their services and routes to many other cities. A route between Las Vegas and Southern California will start being constructed sometime next year once all approvals and acquisitions are completed. Virgin is a brand that is well-respected hospitality and travel business. Fortress shares their innovative culture and goal for a great customer experience.

Brightline is innovating the train travel market and are set to possibly disrupt the industry. Each day, millions of people in the United States travel by train and Fortress Investment Group hopes some of that market will decide to travel in comfort with their privately-funded company. Virgin also operates a rail system in the United Kingdom.

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