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Jason Hope Is A Futurist And An Optimist


Jason Hope is an Arizona native who was born and raised in that place, and who even received his college degree from the Arizona State University. He studied finance, and he has been able to use his degree in the investing and philanthropical work that he does. He is also passionate about politics, and he has been doing all that he can to make a difference for his state in all of the work that he does.

Jason Hope is involved in investing, and he is able to give a lot of money to charity because of that. He has recently given half a million dollars to SENS, which is a nonprofit that is trying to help prevent age-related disease. Jason Hope believes that the organization will be able to make a big difference for the future because he believes that it is important not only to treat illnesses but also to prevent them. He believes that it is important to use medicine in the right way, and he wants to help people live longer and healthier lives. He is happy to partner with this company financially because he believes that the future will be changed by it.

Jason Hope sells inspiring and playful t-shirts. He hires bright people to work for his t-shirt company, and he is always looking for someone new to hire at the Arizona location. He is excited about what he is doing through this company and the people that he is able to work with through it. Jason Hope takes on many ventures and succeeds with them all because of the passion that he has for making a difference in the world. He is a futurist, and he is a great entrepreneur because he is not afraid to do things in a different way than everyone else.

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Matthew Fleeger runs His Father’s Company

The Gulf Coast region of the United States is a place which is endowed with valuable natural resources including gas and oil. These two natural resources are very important in our lives and they play a crucial role in running the world. They ought to be explored, exploited and refined for them to be useful to the human being. There are a number of companies who undertake the offshore exploration of these resources in the Gulf Coast. One of the companies in the Gulf Coast Western LLC.

The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and was founded in the year 1970. It is specialized in the acquisition, exploitation, and development of domestic gas and oil reserves in the Gulf Coast. It is a reputable company which is currently running under the management of Mr. Matthew Fleeger. Fleeger is the current Chief Executive Officer, Director, and President of the company. He is highly professional personnel who ensures the company runs smoothly.

Matthew Fleeger is a graduate of Southern Methodist University who holds a bachelor’s degree in business. He has been working for the company since he was young since the company is a family-owned firm founded by his father. While he was still a student at the university he used to work in his father’s company and gained experience in marketing and finance. It is here where he learned the good managerial skills and today he is a top leader in the company.

Matthew Fleeger has served as the President of the company from 1985 to 1990. He has also worked as the Vice president of Kinlaw Oil Company based in Texas. Matthew is also the founder of Medsolution and chairman of the Board of Directors. He has also worked with Palm Beach Tan Inc. as a Director of the company.

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Steve Ritchie the Newly Appointed CEO of Papa Jones

Steve Ritchie is the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of Papa Jones. This appointment was done after the mass outcry over the former CEO alleged racial outburst. The customers expressed their disappointment over the Pizza brand and Steve Richie knew that something had to be done to handle this public outcry. As a result of this, Steve Ritchie wrote an open letter to his employees, the business partners and the customers explaining some of the measures he is planning to undertake in order to solve the crisis Papa Jones had gotten into. Papa Jones had already started experiencing a decline in the sales volume. The North America outlet sales volume dropped by 6 % and Steve Ritchie noted this as a worrying trend. Ritchie Steve, therefore, had to come up with ways of handling these problems.

The first strategy Ritchie Steve initiated was the unconscious bias training which he was planning to implement across the country. He also initiated an independent cultural audit and ordered an investigation of its array. This was to be followed by implementable actions. Ritchie also made a visit to Atlanta, Dallas and other areas alongside the other leaders of Papa Jones. The purpose of this visit was to get responses from the other players and franchisees on how Papa Jones can move forward.

Ritchie Steve also added that he is forming a team of advisory specialists of diverse cultures who will help in rebranding Papa Jones and reclaiming its lost glory. He also gave an assurance that he is fully committed to embracing diversity in the leadership of Papa Jones.

Under the leadership of Ritchie Steve, the firm was planning to initiate two long-term strategies which were the expansion of Papa Jones minority-owned franchise and the establishment of a foundation which will focus on creating a positive impact in the communities where its employees reside. This strategy was aimed at bringing people together. He also highlighted that he had the interest of the business at heart. He was being driven by his belief that Pizza brings people together. He gave an assurance that Papa Jones is going to embrace fairness, respect, and equity to all because he believed that the most important part of any business is the people.

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SoftBank Purchases Private Equity Firm Fortress Investment Group

It was announced early in 2017 that SoftBank had plans to purchase alternative investment firm Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 billion pending approval. The proposed merger was agreed upon by a Special Committee from the Fortress Board of Directors. Shareholders of the purchased company will be receiving a 38% premium on the closing price of their stock as of Feb 13, 2017, which equals out to $6.08 per share. If the deal was not completed by the payment date, the company had plans to include a dividend of $.09 for the 4th quarter.

The principals of Fortress Investment Group will still be keeping control of the management of the company. When put to a vote, 99.7% of their shareholders that reported agreed with the terms of the merger as well as the price that they were being offered for their shares. The merger was completed late in 2017 and the company will be operating in a similar way as they have in the past as one of the terms of the agreement. According to an interview with Wes Edens, one of the Fortress principals, the day to day operations of the equity firm have not really experienced much of a change since it was purchased. He’s excited to be private as he no longer has to make calls about earnings.


The purchase by SoftBank makes the private equity firm the first firm in the United States to be delisted from the NYSE. This development is something that the executive team at Fortress Investment Group is excited about as they believe that it will give their company more opportunity to grow. After new regulations were enforced on publicly traded companies, there were decisions that Fortress had to make to appease shareholders as opposed to strengthen their business. SoftBank is one of the world’s largest technology investors but was looking to expand their business to other sectors like finance. They enjoy the experience and expertise that Fortress Investment Group has to offer and know that it is a good part of their portfolio to take those first steps into becoming a huge name in financing.

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