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The Work of Deirdre Baggot

Deirdre Baggot has made a major impact on the world of health. She has stablished herself as one of the most influential people within the industry. A native of Denver, Colorado, Baggot is a graduate of Loyola University’s Quinlan School of Business. Baggot has held several leadership positions that prove she has the abiity to improve a business and take it to the next level.

Deirdre Baggot began her career in the late 1990’s. During this time she began working as a nurse and a resource coordinator at at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. She worked at this position for more than six years before making a move to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Here she became a a business analyst for the University of Michigan Health System. Baggot really began to develop her skills during this time. She earned the Lean/Six Sigma Certification and was recognized for her outstanding work in leadership and safety. Deirdre was really beginning to develop her skill and found her way moving along in her career again. Check out to read more about Baggot

Baggot would soon make a major career move. She chose to move back to Denver where she became a senior administrator with the Cardiac and Vascular Institute. During this time Baggot was responsible for managing close to 500 employees. She demonstrated that she was one of the industry’s most skilled and experienced business analysts. She showed she was an excellent employee recruiter and helped to open more then eleven clinics in the Denver and surrounding areas.

Deirdre Baggot would make yet one more major career move. She would leave Denver and move to Los Angeles. She would take over as Senior Vice-President for GE Healthcare Partners. She helped to strengthen the company increasing revenue to more than 6.6 million dollars. Baggot has built an impressive career and a reputation as being an expert in her industry.

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Matt Badiali Has Become An Effective Investor

Matt Badiali has used his strong knowledge base in science to become an effective investor. Matt’s education reflects his working expertise. He attended Penn State University where he acquired an Earth Science degree. Matt went on to study Geology at Florida Atlantic University. He had an interesting acquaintance in school who inspired him to look into the finance world. Matt was immediately intrigued with the idea. Badiali had watched his father struggle throughout the years to make a life for himself as an investor. Matt set out to put together an easily understood style of financial investing in order to help people who were not highly experienced in the field.

Matt Badiali is a talented writer and used this skill to get his message across. He has the background to support the subject matter that he has chosen. Over the years Matt doubled and tripled the money of several clients that he was working with. Matt travels around the world conducting speaking engagements and hosting several different types of financial events. About Matt Badiali, he published a newsletter to make it easy for people to access the information that he has to offer. The focus is on investing in natural resources. The publication has been very successful and Badiali helped the common investor achieve financial stability.

Matt Badiali begins every catching up on the latest information via the newspaper or television. He is a family man who takes his children to school everyday. Badiali works diligently on his business writing for several hours each business day. After completing two to three pages he goes about returning messages and phone calls. This time is used to set up personal meetings. Matt Badiali takes every opportunity to gain valuable experience. He believes that the process of doing is what inspires his ideas. Badiali has learned from trial and error ever the years. His experience is the foundation of the best investment tips that he provides for his clients.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong Creates Presence of Global E-commerce Retailer Jingdong

Chinese entrepreneur Richard Liu Qiangdong created a reputation in Beijing and throughout China as one of the most successful business owners in the e-commerce sector. His family witnessed his growth in developing work ethnics and ambition to become a successful business owner and leader. As he reflects on his experience in running a company, he learned valuable life lessons that helped him build his global online retailer, Jingdong or Today, it is a Fortune 500 Global Company for its dedication to environmental protection and sustaining consumption through innovative technologies.

Richard Liu surprising paid a visit to Dallas, TX to create a presence in the United States by appearing in a live interview featured on World Economic Forum Annual Meeting. He spoke openly about his early years working with his father’s business, education, experience, and the concepts behind his Chinese empire. Before Richard completed studies at Renmin University, he worked years for his family and helped build the entity. After college, he opened a restaurant and because of its low performance resulted in him closing it and starting another company.

Life wasn’t easy for Richard Liu Qiangdong as he explained in the interview, in January 2018.

He said he and his family grew up poor and had to work very hard to live in China. When his grandmother became ill, the family was in no financial situation to pay for her medication. It became the drive in motivation to start a brick & mortar store in 1998 and help financially. His one store turned into 12 physical stores throughout Beijing marketing computer accessories. Fives years after starting the store chain, Richard Liu Qiangdong was ready to go online with his store. is born in 2004, becoming the largest e-commerce retailer in Beijing and China. While Jingdong is constantly growing in China, Richard Liu is moving in a direction to explore other global markets including the United States. His trip to Dallas is a start of him promoting his business and creating a presence for his brand. He is exploring opportunities in New York and seeking a presence in the region.

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The dominance of OSI Group McDonalds in food production

The OSI Group McDonalds is a renowned global food processing company. The company specializes in the production and processing of meat in the food and service industry. The firm has been in operation since the turn of the millennium and has experienced a spectacular rate of growth over the past three decades. David McDonald has been the man at the top of this company for all this period and deserves the credit. The company is distinctive from other companies in the same industry in offering unique products. Some of these products include pizza, fish, poultry, vegetable products, meat patties, hot dogs, and bacon. The company also has a wide range of capabilities which includes global food chain supply management and production of custom foods. The OSI group McDonalds performs all the food-related tasks ranging from sourcing, processing, and distribution. This enables the company to maintain the quality of its products which have won the company a variety of awards and international recognition.

OSI Group McDonalds has over 100 years offering food solutions. The growth story of this company is incredibly impressive. It all began as a corner butcher shop to a multinational food processor and supplier. The OSI Group is still looking to expand even more by embracing modern food processing methods. Currently, this firm has 20,000 employees operating in the 65 facilities it has in 17 countries. Consistency is a primary key to success. This has been a strategy to the success of OSI Group McDonalds regarding providing customers with consistent and affordable products. One significant leap forward made by this firm was the acquisition of Baho Food Company. This was a pivotal step to the continued dominance and expansion of the firm in Europe without forgetting integration of technology as well as broadening the range of products.

The company has had a good history regarding maintaining food safety standards. This has played a significant role in the growth of their client base. The OSI group will continue to experience tremendous growth and expansion due to its constant technological innovations and superior client relations. Also, the company’s awareness of the environmental impacts of modern technology in food production is of great importance.

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Jacob Gottlieb Launches New Healthcare Investment Firm Altium Capital

Healthcare investment tycoon, Jacob Gottlieb, MD, CFA, PRIMA has cofounded a new pharmaceutical and healthcare investment firm, Altium Capital. This new investment venture is based out of NYC and seeks to invest in opportunities in the healthcare industry. The opportunities they seek to invest in are growing companies that are working to create new medical treatments and advances. Mainly, those for diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

Altium Capital has recently invested in companies Oramed Pharmaceuticals (ORMP), Amarin Corporation (AMRN) and Oragenics. Oramed Pharmaceuticals is one of their first major investments, has invented an alternative oral treatment for patients with diabetes. Rather than using an insulin pump, they have engineered and released an alternative oral method, an ingestible insulin capsule (ORMD-0801) as well as an oral Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) analog (exenatide) capsule (ORMD-0901).

Amarin is a Dublin based company with an office in Bedminster, New Jersey who are working to develop drugs that improve cardiovascular health. Oragenics was founded by two physicians in 1996, to create healthcare solutions based on the concept of replacement therapy. This therapy is based on the concept of replacing harmful bacteria with good bacteria to cure health issues. Oragenics are also working on an effective treatment for oral mucositis and to fight other infectious diseases.

Prior to founding Altium Capital, Gottlieb was the founder of Visium Asset Management. Prior to that he was a founding member of Balyasny Asset Management, L.P.

Gottlieb’s educational background provides him with excellent knowledge of both the healthcare and investment industries. His educational background includes a BA in Economics from Brown University, where he graduated magna cum laude and an MD from New York University Medical School. In 2001, he obtained his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter from the Association for Investment Management and Research (AIMR) and in 2010, he earned his P.R.M. designation from the Professional Risk Managers’ International Association.

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Another Groundbreaking Investment Opportunity from Matt Badiali on Freedom Checks

To many people, Freedom Checks might sound like a government program. However, the truth is, the government does not run this tax free investment. Matt Badiali is the great man behind this lucrative investment opportunity that is helping many Americans acquire significant wealth in the form of returns. Unlike most investment opportunities that promise investors huge returns while hiding the source of these returns, Badiali is set to offering all the necessary information and insights on freedom checks to help investors make informed investment decisions.According to Matt Badiali, companies involved in Freedom Checks are not subject to taxation; hence it is highly possible that the investors will earn significant returns.

Moreover, investors receive annual or quarterly checks from government agencies since the investments serve as capital. As such, this is an excellent investment opportunity if you are considering retiring early and still enjoy prosperity in life.Freedom Checks is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You have to invest to receive the returns. By making investments, companies dealing with natural resources get capital to fund their business operations. In return, the companies pass on the incentives received from the government in utilizing existing natural resources to the investors. Companies that raise 90 per cent of their revenue from natural resources industry in the U.S are automatically exempted from taxes. This gives them the ability to issue highest returns to their investors.

Companies that facilitate the Freedom Checks operate as MLPs or best known as Master Limited Partnerships. These types of partnerships are publicly rather than privately traded firms that operate legally according to the U.S tax code. The companies primarily deal with the production, processing, and transportation of natural resources, especially in the energy sector. Investors buying the publicly traded shares from MLPs qualify for favorable tax benefits. Matt Badiali cites that the individuals investing in the right MLPs will surely receive regular, recurring, and sustainable returns for several years.Therefore, if you are the type of person that grabs every opportunity that promises a brighter future, this is a perfect opportunity to make your bank account swell.Matt Badiali is a renowned geologist with a great concern for investments in natural resources. He is currently a senior analyst at Banyan Hill.


Entrepreneur Dick Devos

Dick Devos is one of the top businessmen in the world. Whether you like him for his business acumen or know of his history with Grand Rapids, he is one of the smartest business leaders in America. For many years, he worked with Amway, and now he owns his own private equity firm, The Windquest Group. As the founder, he has helped companies like Boxed Water with their goals to make the world a better place.


Part of that was likely the reason he was appointed to the new Management Advisory Council by the Federal Aviation Administration. However, the other part is the way that he called up AirTran Airways several years ago and asked if the airline would help the Grand Rapids airport. At the time, the airport was doing poorly, but with Devos’ one phone call to the CEO, he was able to get several new destinations opened up.


DeVos got through to the CEO faster than most would, and it was this phone call that helped the airport thrive in the past two decades. Now it will be undergoing a $45 million renovation. The new destinations have brought in more business travelers, but it is the new airport facilities that have made Grand Rapids a wonderful destination.


For one, Devos knew that the airport was going to help with the overall strategy of bringing up Grand Rapids’ rapid growth. It started in the 1990s, and Devos worked with the CEO in order to build new ideas. He wanted to help other business leaders in the area get back what they put into the city through bigger commerce projects downtown and an all new convention center that would drive more growth.


It was these same strategies that attracted the FAA to the business leader. They saw that he was able to update the airport and breathe life into the business even after it had gone stagnant in the 1990s. It is through Devos’ continuous support of his hometown that he was able to help others through his own pride in his town.


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OSI Group is a Staple in the Food Industry

David McDonald went through his initial time on earth in an exceptionally country setting in the territory of Iowa. Indeed, the college alum with a degree in creature science experienced childhood with a homestead. The initial phase in his profession in the wake of graduating was tolerating the job as Chairman of the North American Meat Institute. He would later join OSI Food Solution Group as a venture chief and turn into the pioneer we as a whole know him as today. After a short time he ended up assuming on the liability of being the OSI organization leader because of his relentless hard working attitude.

It is difficult to deny OSI Group’s status as a pioneer in the sustenance business. It conveys top notch items and administrations to clients around the globe making it a debut worldwide sustenance supplier. There are couple of people inside OSI that are more committed to helping it develop than David McDonald. He has been with the organization for over 3 decades and can be credited with a lot of its prosperity. A noteworthy piece of the job David McDonald possesses at OSI includes ensuring the coordinations group works easily as it is in charge of staying aware of the regularly changing global food market.

The group does as such by remaining in near contact with nearby advertisers to proficiently address the issues of OSI Group’s clients.OSI Group is right now the subject of talk in the nourishment business on account of its procurement of Baho Foods, a Dutch sustenance preparing organization that has practical experience in store meat. The buy gave OSI Group a fundamentally more grounded nearness in the European market. Under his authority of OSI has possessed the capacity to set up and work a few offices in China.What makes David McDonald and OSI Group such an incredible fit is the way that both offer a similar vision. Both need to meet and outperform client desires.

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Gareth Henry’s Constant Motion Career Life

Some call Gareth Henry unique, while others see him as a rarity. Whichever way you choose to look at it, not many have achieved what Gareth has done in his life. In 1997, the financial guru attended Heriot-Watt University where his love for mathematics would earn him an Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics Bachelor Degree. View Gareth Henry’s profile at Linkedin.

Building a Career

Gareth Henry worked for Watson Wyatt as an analyst in the manager research team. He joined the company right after graduating. Gareth later migrated to the company’s Global Investment Management Services team. He remained in that wing of the company until 2004. That same year, the guru joined SEI Investments. His stint at the company involved investment management in the areas of pension funds, consultants, and insurance.

In 2005, Gareth Henry made another step in his career journey by joining Shroders to play a director’s role. He worked for the company for two years and joined Fortress Investment Group. It was a job that made him move into the US so that he could efficiently play his role as Head of International Investor Relations. At Fortress, Gareth made a name for himself after raising significant capital for the company’s real estate, private credit, private equity, and hedge funds.

The job at Fortress involved engaging with Europe’s, Asia’s, Middle East’s, and US’ investors. He also oversaw the company’s $4 billion hedge fund and Asian distribution agreements. His success made Institutional Investor (a renowned magazine) to describe his work as phenomenal. It was partly because the financial guru established great ties to wealth funds, insurance companies, and pension funds.

Gareth Henry has achieved a lot for Fortress by incorporating hard work and relationship building. You would expect someone who reaches such heights to be old and wise. Gareth is wise, but not old. His achievements at Fortress came about when he was just 32. Even more baffling, he was succeeding in an area his ‘math geek’ peers were afraid to venture.

After Fortress, Gareth Henry joined Angelo Gordon (AG). His stint there lasted up to 2018 (February). AG is a company that manages over $26 billion in credit investments, private equity, and real estate. Company President, Lawrence Schloss says they hired Gareth because of his extensive global investor relations experience.

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Fortress Investment Group And Virgin Teaming Up For Passenger Train Project Expansion

The new strategic partnership between Brightline by Fortress Investment Group and Virgin is sure to shake up the travel industry. The private passenger train first opened up their first stops in May 2018 in West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. The project caught the eye of Richard Branson who later had a talk with Wes Edens, a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, in the newly opened Brightline station in Miami. Even though the rail line was still in its infancy at that point, they still discussed the concept of expanding the airlines to different cities across the United States and eventually nationwide. Read the article about Fortress at

At some point in 2019, Brightline will begin using the branding Virgin Trains USA and will be marketed by the team at Virgin as well. Virgin is well known for their marketing campaigns and high levels of brand recognition which is great for the future of Brightline. As part of the deal, Virgin is investing in Brightline in a minority position and will also become stakeholders. Fortress Investment Group and executives of Brightline will be managing this investment into the company.

Fortress Investment Group is known for being innovative and they are hoping to reinvent passenger train travel in the United States. Brightline is the only passenger train with intercity stops that is privately funded in all of the United States. While they may only be in Florida now, there are already many plans in the works to expand their services and routes to many other cities. A route between Las Vegas and Southern California will start being constructed sometime next year once all approvals and acquisitions are completed. Virgin is a brand that is well-respected hospitality and travel business. Fortress shares their innovative culture and goal for a great customer experience.

Brightline is innovating the train travel market and are set to possibly disrupt the industry. Each day, millions of people in the United States travel by train and Fortress Investment Group hopes some of that market will decide to travel in comfort with their privately-funded company. Virgin also operates a rail system in the United Kingdom.

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