Upwork Reaps Huge benefits As It Goes Public

Recently Upwork went public, and its IPO attracted numerous investments from the tech world. Upwork started trading on the NASDAQ Exchange under the ticker UPWK in October 20018. The company initially priced $12.5 million shares at $15 which was slightly above the estimated range of $10- $14. Shares opened at $23 which was a 53 percent gain and closed at $21.18.According to Stephane Kasriel, the ultimate goal of this move was to show the company out as the largest online platform for freelancers.

Many of the Upwork’s investors are tech companies. Sigma Partners, Benchmark, FirstMark Capital and SG Growth Partners are some of the largest stakeholders at Upwork. Dragoneer Investment Group announced its intention of buying up to 20 percent of the IPO valued at close to $32 million by early October. It is evident that Upwork has benefited immensely from this move. Going forward, according to the McKinsey Global Institute, the freelancing economy is projected to generate close to $2.7 trillion every year by 2025.

Upwork (previously known as Elance o-Desk) is a platform that allows businesses and qualified freelancers in different areas of expertise to come together remotely and work. Upwork is based in San Francisco, California and Mountain View. Led by a team of experts, including Stephane Kasriel, the Chief Executive Officer and Thomas Layton, the Chairman, Upwork has grown a lot since its inception. As at now, the firm has over 12 million registered freelancers and over 5 million clients.

Beerud Sheth, Sanjah Noronha, and Srini Anumolu founded Elance in 1999. O-Desk, on the other hand, was started in 2003 by Karamankalis and Odysseas Tsatalos. The two firms merged in December 2013 to form Elance o-desk. Eighteen months later, Elance o-desk was rebranded Upwork. As of 2017, Upwork is said to be generating revenue of over $1 billion with millions of clients and freelancers from over 180 countries across the globe.

Upwork allows clients to outsource labor via their platform. Through Upwork, the clients can interview and possibly hire and work with the freelancers. The platform offers various features to help in the client-freelancer interaction. One of them is the real-time chat feature which helps clients find the right freelancers quickly and hire them.

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Flavio Maluf reports a slight improvement on Brazilian agricultural sector

The Brazilian economy is finally showing signs of recovery after going into recession towards the end of 2014. The agricultural sector is among the sectors that have played a role in boosting the Brazilian economy. The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and supply recently released a report for the export statistics for June 2018. According to the report, the agricultural sector recorded exports amounting to the US $9.21 billion.

This is an impressive achievement, according to Flavio Maluf, a renowned Brazilian executive and businessman. In his report, the CEO and chairman of Eucatex Group indicated that the growth in the agricultural sector is an indicator that the stakeholders are becoming more serious in managing their affairs. Visit on his twitter for more updates.

The nitty-gritty of the report

According to the report, soybeans recorded the highest percentage of agricultural products exported from Brazil. It accounted for more than 53.5 percent with much of the product destined for the Asian and the European Union market. Four other agricultural products that came close to soybeans include meat, forest products, coffee, and sugar & alcohol complex.

Flavio Maluf also reported that the amount of soybeans being exported to China would continue to increase and the sales will increase further. He also said that the favorable climate and topography in Brazil favors the growth of soybeans, which continue to be the major agricultural export from the country.

Revolution of the Brazilian agribusiness industry

Flavio Maluf noted that there is an ongoing revolution in the Brazilian agribusiness sector, and it is favoring the public, especially the small-scale farmers. However, he challenged the Brazilian government to conduct more training to the farmers, teaching them how to take care of their crops to increase yields. The Brazilian agribusiness sector has been down for many years, but some recent developments have played a huge role in its revival.

About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is a successful Brazilian businessman. Flavio pursued a degree in mechanical engineering before shifting to the business world. After graduating with a degree in business administration, Flavio took over the family business in 1997, and since then, he has been serving there as the chairman and the CEO.

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Jason Hope Generously Pledges $500,000 To Sens Research Foundation

If you want to see how much is changing our daily lives, you need to pay attention to the medical field. Over the past ten to fifteen years, we’ve seen massive improvements in medicine and treatments provided by the medical community. Now, biotechnology is poised to take over in the search for an even bigger, more important, breakthrough. The SENS Research Foundation is a non-profit organization that uses biotechnology in order to research solutions to the degenerative wear-and-tear associated with aging. Not only is the SENS Foundation focused on age-related illnesses, but they are also focused on providing a solution for aging itself. This kind of ambition caught the attention of entrepreneur Jason Hope and that is where we’ll begin our discussion. Read more on

Jason Hope is known as a futurist, an entrepreneur with his eyes on the sky and his attention focused on industries that are showcasing huge potential. For Jason Hope, the work that the SENS Foundation is attempting is so integral and important to the future of humanity that he simply had to support the work that they were doing. Hope has always believed in biotechnology and he has always believed that the way that we age and deteriorate doesn’t have to be how things always are. Like many entrepreneurs, Hope was willing to put his money and momentum behind an idea that he believed in.

Jason Hope reached out to the SENS Research Foundation after doing mountains of research into the work that they are doing out in California. In doing so, Hope was connected with Dr. Aubrey De Grey, the Chief Science Officer at the research facility and one of the brightest minds in the anti-aging field. Hope and Dr. De Grey had instant chemistry and it turned out that their goals were similarly aligned. As a result, Hope knew that he could trust the facility with a donation. Hope signed the $500,000 check and the SENS Research Foundation put it to use for their research of Arteriosclerosis. With Hope on board, the SENS Foundation has a real chance to continue their massive medical breakthroughs for the foreseeable future.


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Paul Mampilly Makes Use of the Social Media to Dispense Investment and Finance Acumen

The investment management industry has been experiencing a lot of changes that have been happening gradually since the introduction of technology in the sector. This has been in the way the services are delivered to the customers by the investment management organizations, which are very cautious about the acquisition and maintenance of customers in their businesses. The reason for this caution has been as a result of the stiff competition that has prevailed in the investment market in the few previous decades. The completion has increased tremendously due to the emergence of many organizations that are offering similar services to the same range of customers. To mitigate the adverse effects that may affect companies that may fail to withstand the stiff competition in the market, Paul Mampilly advises the organizations about how they may play around with the market factors to ensure that they remain safe and relevant in the industry.

One of the primary strategies that Paul Mampilly recommends for the organizations is the adoption of artificial technology. This is the robot technology that would enable them to run their operations with little or no human intervention. The technology has been so successfully embraced by the customer care sectors that he believes that it would also be successful in the investment management industry. The reason why Mampilly is quite convinced about the usefulness of the technology is that it would reduce the cost of operations in the organizations. This would have a ripple effect on the management expenses of the financial firms, and as a result, they would be making more profits compared to when they had not invested in the technology.

Paul Mampilly emphasizes that the only way that the organizations in the industry will manage to withstand the market competition in the future will be by embracing the robot technology. This is a technology that is only expected to bring about positive impacts on the organizations that adopt it early enough. Paul Mampilly provides this kind of advice to the clients who require it by publishing it in the newsletters that he dispenses every week. He also uses the various social media platforms to distribute the information that he finds relevant to his audience.

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Felipe Montoro Jens Predicts Downfall Of Brazil If The Nation Doesn’t Take Action

The degree to which Brazil has fallen is exceedingly troubling. With their finances and economy in a state of despair, Brazil is coming apart at the seams. In the hopes of underscoring just how rapid their decline is, the National Confederation of Industry conducted a study on Brazil’s infrastructure. Said study revealed that Brazil abandoned 517 infrastructure projects in 2017. Infrastructure plays a critical role in the well-being of a society, making Brazil’s flagrant display of negligence worrisome. The abrupt termination of these infrastructure projects has considerably exhausted Brazil’s resources. It’s for this reason why experts are scrutinizing Brazil’s procedures. More about Felipe Montoro Jens at

Felipe Montoro Jens, an infrastructure specialist, has taken a keen interest in Brazil’s current calamity. Though Jens agrees that Brazil is utterly inept when it comes to handling infrastructure jobs, he also recognizes that Brazil recently fell victim to an economic crisis. In any case, Jens maintains that there’s no excuse for halting as many jobs as Brazil did last year. After performing a thorough analysis, Jens deduced that Brazil is dropping the ball on infrastructure works for the following reasons: technical difficulties, lack of financial resources, land ownership issues, and insufficient training.

Being the insightful man he is, Jens devised solutions to Brazil’s problems. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, improving micro planning procedures will revive Brazil’s haphazard operations. Designing balanced contracts, reinforcing internal controls, and instituting training programs are viable options as well. While Jens believes that there’s hope for Brazil’s future, Jose Augusto Fernandes of CNI maintains that Brazil will continue to turn a blind eye to their waning economy. In fact, Fernandes states that Brazil “seems unable to learn.” Until Brazil demonstrates that they’re eager to implement change, economists assert that the nation will fail to thrive.

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How Waiakea Water Stands Out From The Competition

The global bottled water industry went from nothing a few decades ago to one that is now worth over $100 billion. Per capita, Italy is the nation where bottled water is the most popular. Back in the 1980s, most people would have scoffed if you asked them to spend money on water in a bottle versus just getting it out of their tap for free basically. Nowadays many people think nothing of spending money on it which is a pretty big paradigm shift.

Many of the companies in the bottled water industry try to do something unique in order to attract attention and sales. They will explain what is unique about their brand and why it’s the superior choice. They might supplement the water with vitamins or minerals or come up with some filtration process that nobody has used before.

Waiakea Water is one of the brands trying to stand out. One way they do so is by selling water that has bee filtered by an honest to goodness volcano which is pretty unique. This Hawaiian company gets its water from Mauna Loa volcano where it drips down through 14,000 vertical feet of porous rock.

As the Waiakea Water is going down through Mauna Loa volcano it picks up a host of healthy minerals and electrolytes. Another volcanic water benefit is that it is naturally alkaline with a PH of 8.8. This is important because studies have indicated that alkaline water is very healthy to drink as it restores the natural PH balance of the body.

Another way Waiakea Water stands out is because they follow the Hawaiian custom of “malama i ka’aina“. This translates to “respect and care for the land”. They are an Earth-friendly venture in a few different ways. First, their water bottles and packaging are entirely made from recycled products. They also ship their products to the Mainland using low emission shipping. They are also involved with reforestation projects and other ways to offset the carbon that their business creates. These efforts have led to Waiakea Water being certified as CarbonNeutral.


The Environmental Conscious Rally Car Driver, RODRIGO TERPINS.

Rally car racing is one of the most extreme sports that are enjoyed by millions of people worldwide either as participants or as spectators. It required maximum concentration from the drivers, a highly competitive team and a reliable chemistry between the driver and their partner. The rally car racing is quite a complicated sport and the adrenaline from both sides, the drivers and their team, and the spectators/fans of the sport, is always high. The conditions for the game play about with the life of the participants making its hard to be the fastest while at the same time the safest. For any rally car driver, like Rodrigo Terpins, it’s very important for you to have a team of skillful, passionate and creative team. In Brazil and among the fans of the sport worldwide, Rodrigo Terpins and his prestigious team, Bull Sertoes is a household name.

The team, Terpins, and his brother participate in worldwide, professionally, and in the Sertoes race. The Sertoes race is considered the most challenging, technically and difficult rally track to be built anywhere in the world. All these factors have caused Rodrigo Terpins to have a very successful career in Brazil rally car racing. In the most recent race, Terpins and his rally car partner were amongst the top ten drivers to finish. This huge achievement showcased his skills as a racer and gave him a wider recognition and audience. For more details visit


Though Rodrigo Terpins is very skilled in the sport, he has also started to branch into the entrepreneurial world which is not uncommon for his family. His father, Jack Terpins, had a very successful basketball career before he ventured into business. Mr. Terpins measured up to his father’s bars, both in sports and in business, when he launched Floresvale. Floresville is an environmentally-conscious timber company. Check out


Floresvale is a business built on sustainability and environmental consciousness. The environmental concept was inspired by the clear-cutting of forests by other Brazilian Timber companies. Rodrigo Terpins and his business partners wanted to change the concept of pollution and disregard of the Brazilian enviroment by providing wood that has been acquired in a sustainable manner.


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Why Robert Ivy Is The Nation’s Premier Architectural Authority

There are many good reasons for an architect to join the AIA. The American Institute of Architects was founded in 1857 as a way for architects across the nation to share their knowledge and experience, as well as to build meaningful partnerships with one another. It is hard to underestimate the importance of good networking in any profession. Traditional wisdom tells us “it’s not always what you know, it’s also who you know.” While this may seem like nepotism to some, it is actually just the nature of any profession.

Architects have looked to the AIA for help and inspiration for over 150 years. An organization does not usually achieve that kind of lifespan without being productive and helpful to its members. So, it is fitting that we take a quick look at its current CEO and Executive Vice President, Robert Ivy.

Robert Ivy is a thoroughly qualified architect, having received a Master of Architecture degree from Tulane University. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from Sewanee: The University of the South. This combination of skills was very important for his career. With this particular skill set, it is only natural that he went into the field of architectural writing. Find out more about Robert Ivy at

Robert Ivy worked his way up the ladder at Architectural Record magazine, becoming Editor-In-Chief in 1996. Far from just being a pencil pusher, Mr. Ivy was very involved in the expansion and growth of the magazine. It is no coincidence that, under his leadership, Architectural Record became the most widely read journal of architecture in America and one of the most widely read in the world. The list of awards and honors that he and the magazine received is a long one.

These honors include the National Magazine Award for General Excellence from the American Society of Magazine Editors. Under his leadership, Architectural Review has received a stunning 26 Jesse H. Neal Awards, 7 Ozzies and the 2008 MPA Digital Award for Website of the Year. He has also been honored with the Crain Award in 2009. and the McGraw-Hill Award for Management Excellence in 1998. Along the way, he was made a Senior Fellow of the Design Futures Council. In 2010, he was also recognized as a master architect by the national architect’s fraternity, Alpha Ro Chi.

With this long list of accomplishments, it is no wonder that Robert Ivy was chosen to lead the nation’s most prestigious architectural organization. In the years since his nomination for that position, he has never given his supporters and peers any reason to doubt his abilities.

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From being perceived as a joke, to being CEO of one of the most renowned dating apps, a look at how Whitney Wolfe did it

At only twenty years old, Whitney Wolfe has achieved what myriads of people twice her age are still building castles about. Currently the chief executive officer of Bumble, one of the most renowned and also fastest-growing dating apps in the world, Whitney Wolfe began as an employee at Tinder, also a famed dating app. However, in 2014, Whitney resigned and sued the company on grounds of sexual harassment. Whitney revealed that Justin Mateen, her ex-boyfriend and former boss at Tinder had sent her abusive texts, and even gone to the extent of referring to her as a whore after she put an end to their relationship. Whitney also revealed that one of the co-founders of the firm also said that having a female co-founder as part of the company, made Tinder seem like a joke to the outside world. Read more about Whitney Wolfe at Wikipedia

It is thanks to these chauvinistic acts that Whitney Wolfe decided to create bumble, a company aimed at not only making dating easier but also at creating a world where women can seek career growth and success without any discrimination. She however revealed that despite the success she is currently experiencing now, what she went through before resigning from Tinder caused her to go into a deep depression and establishing Bumble was her ultimate revenge and the only way that she was able to recover. Today, Bumble stands as Tinder’s top competition and according to experts, her company will have caught up and even surpassed her rival’s success in a few years. Whitney’s case against Tinder was settled at an undisclosed sum.

Whitney Herd urges women not to engage with male bullies and harassers who go about giving unwanted complements. She urges them to tell them off because doing so not only gives them peace of mind, but is also not worth their time. She further urges them to make the first move in a relation and additionally not to take it personally when they are rejected because she, herself has been rejected severally.

More about Whitney Herd

Currently married to a loving and successful man known as Michael Herd, Whitney Wolfe is undoubtedly the perfect example of strength of a woman. From being sexually harassed and depressed, to being CEO of one of the fastest growing companies and also being listed on Forbes 30 under 30 list, Whitney is no doubt a pace setter to all women out there struggling to get to the apex of success in a male dominated world.

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