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James River Capital Corporation, a Force of Innovation

James River Capital Corporation, commonly referred to as James River, is a United States company, which offers investment advisory services to individuals and institutions. James River specializes in investment management and commodity trading, among several other investment services. The company was founded in 1986 and was known as KP Futures Management Corp then. Upon its foundation, James River served as the investment arm of Kidder, Peabody & Company. In 1995, the company became independent. Kevin Brandt and Paul Saunders acquired the enterprise from Kidder, Peabody & Company, and became senior officers in the investment department. Soon afterward, James River was registered with the SEC as an investment advisory firm, and with the CFTC as a Commodity Pool Operator. The company is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia.

Part of the highly motivated, experienced, and knowledgeable team behind the success of James River is its principal and founder, Paul Saunders. Besides founding other affiliates of the company, Paul is the expert responsible for the management of James River’s hedge funds portfolio. He is also the Chief Executive Officer and chairperson of James River Financial Corp. as well as James River Capital. Paul is a seasoned business manager. Since 1979, he worked at the Corporate Finance Department of Warburg Paribas Becker. Between 1980 and 1973, he served at A.G. Becker, Commodity Department. Paul served as the Director, Commodity Funds and Managed Accounts at Kidder, Peabody & Company. He has also served as the president of KP Futures Management before it changed to James River in 1995. He holds a bachelor’s of arts from the University of Virginia and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Chicago. Learn more:

James River capital offers advisory services on a wide range of investment areas, especially on management. The company advocates for some few necessary changes and strategies that leaders need to adopt in order to ensure effectiveness in a workplace. One such strategy is the critical mentality shift strategy. James River cites Facebook as a textbook example of a company that has effectively used the critical mentality shift strategy. The managers at Facebook support their work teams, rather than lead them as is the common norm in most organizations. The deviation from “leading” to “supporting” is a complete game changer in the relationship between the managers and those under their supervision. The team becomes more productive due to enhanced work relationships.

The other strategy that James River advocates for is allowing of escalation at workplaces. Managers should let their workers express their opinion freely. According to research by renowned psychologists, workers become more productive with increased liberty. Open and transparent communication opens an opportunity for workers to give a valuable contribution, which in turn, brings innovation. During, meetings, the managers should accord every worker a chance to speak or express their opinion. A workplace, where workers fear victimization, breeds psychological insecurity. The workers withhold information, even if it would have been beneficial to the organization.


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GreenSky Credit Drumming Up Some Serious Coin

GreenSky Credit started humbly enough. Founder David Zalik hails from Atlanta where he was a math genius in high school. His high school shipped them off to Auburn University at the age of 14 where he started his first company. He was building computers from scratch for Auburn University students when he decided to drop out of college. He was making too much money. He also had the idea for GreenSky Credit.

Respect For Zalik

This is where I gain a lot of respect for the founder of the financial tech company. He quite literally put everything on the line by taking out a $10 million loan using his family’s Georgia real estate as collateral. He’s also fought outside investors. He’s worked very hard to keep controlling interest of his company which is now one of the most valuable privately owned companies in the world.

Relationship With Banks

Of the major things that set GreenSky Credit apart from other financial tech companies is its relationship with conventional banks. In fact, GreenSky Credit Just signed a $50 billion lending deal with Fifth Third Bank out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Other financial tech companies like to fund loans on their own while David Zalik sees it more prudent to get loans through traditional banks. After all, traditional banks will take on all of the default risks while sharing some of the profit with the financial tech company.

GreenSky Credit maintains relationships with over 12 different banks. The company makes mountains of money being a loan middleman. Essentially, homeowners tap into the financial tech company’s app to secure home improvement loans. The financial tech company also gets some of the profit from the contractors that perform the home improvements.

Profiting Without Ownership

Herein lies the brilliance of GreenSky Credit. They don’t own an ounce of inventory. They don’t have tools, workers or trucks like contractors. They don’t own the loan which can default. They essentially profit billions of dollars by offering incredible convenience to both the bank and the homeowner. You can read more about this amazing company on Forbes, the Wall Street Journal and Wikipedia.


Rally Driving Phenom Michel Terpins

Michel Terpins is a standout individual in the Brazilian rally car racing circuit. He is distinct amongst the best rally drivers in the nation, winning the majority of the races he partakes in. Michel has been competing professionally for over 10 years. Michel was first introduced to the sport while in his native Sau Paolo. The adoration for sports runs deep in his family, thus none of his family was hsocked when he decided he wanted to pursue a career in sports. Michel’s dad was a notable b-ball player in his prime. His brother often participates in the same races as him and they have a friendly rivalry with one another. each is the others equal.


Bull Sertoes rally is the name of the rally team the siblings have founded together. The team is really thriving with both brothers at the helm. Every version of the Bull Sertoes rally fills in as an occasion where qualified drivers can feature their abilities. The 22nd yearly cycle of the rally wherein, racers began at Goiania, saw Michel and his guide safely in the number one spot themselves ahead of the pack the whole initial 62 kilometers. Regardless of their extraordinary beginning, auto inconvenience truly hindered them and they did not complete the race. Check out



Rodrigo has become a premiere driver in the rally championships thanks to his great performances in many events. Michel and his sibling have been top finishers in many top tier race occasions like the Rally Rota SC. One could make a case for him being the top rally driver in Brazil without much of a push back. However, there is overwhelming agreement that he is at the forefront models T1 division. For more details visit



Michel Terpins almost seems like someone who was born to race. Even before he entered the world of rally driving he raced motorcycles.


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For Guilherme Paulus Its All About Value Addition

Brazil has proved to be attractive to visitors and this is one of the key reasons why investing in the country’s tourism industry has been so rewarding for Guilherme Paulus. Today he is listed in the Forbes magazine billionaires list as one of the richest men in the country. Guilherme Paulus did not always have this wealth as he was not born in a well-off family. In fact, the reason he did not study medicine was because his family would not afford his college fee and thus at 17 he opted to become an intern at IBM. This would expose him to a whole new world of possibilities while at the same time reinforcing his passion for pursuing a career in another sector other than computing and mathematics.

By the time he left employment to start CVC with his partner Carlos Vicente Cerchiari he knew very well that the tourism sector offered him the best chance of succeeding. What followed was a series of challenges until the company eventually took of and clients started coming in. This would make the company profitable and at the same time his profile as an investor was steadily rising. In 2005 Guilherme Paulus realized that there existed another opportunity that could be tapped. The opportunity lay in offering accommodation and this is how he would end up registering GJP.

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GJP which is simply the abbreviations of his full name would run a chain of hotels and resorts all over Brazil and bring the same quality of service that CVC was offering its clients. By this time a private equity fund had bought a majority share at CVC for approximately four hundred million dollars and Guilherme Paulus was able to put in more money into his new venture. Today GJP has expanded to more locations and serves thousands of clients annually in its more than 3000 rooms spread across Brazil. For the hotelier this is more important than the wealth that he has created. He believes that not only is he offering a needed service but is able to create sustainable jobs for many more in the country.


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NewsWatch TV Helps Out Another Satisfied Client

Many companies have been very happy with the work that NewsWatch TV did for them. One of these satisfied customers was Saygus which is a U.S. smartphone manufacturer. They turned to NewsWatch TV when they wanted people to know about their latest line of smartphones. The ad campaign that NewsWatch TV came up with were aired on national television as well as at select websites. Tim Rush, a vice president at Saygus, said that he was highly satisfied with the work that NewsWatch TV did and would recommend them to others.

NewsWatch TV first started airing in 1989. It is a half-hour long TV show that appears in over 200 major markets across the United States. It airs weekly and there have now been over 1000 episodes aired. They cover many issues such as new product releases, consumer electronics, tourism, business matters, medical breakthroughs, and fashion.

Celebrities often appear in NewsWatch TV episodes. In just the past year they have had Carrie Underwood, Diane Lane, Ted Danson, Brooklyn Decker, Phil Mickelson, and Juliane Moore appear among others. They also have prominent companies included in their episodes like Bounty, Sports Authority, Suave, the American Heart Association, and the Discovery Channel.

The hosts of this show are Susan Bridges, Andrew Tropeano, and Michelle Ison. They each individually introduce stories to viewers with each story being around one to two minutes long. The hosts of NewsWatch TV also conduct interviews with people around the world many of whom are celebrities. They also have regular features such as AppWatch which was introduced in May 2012. This segment covers the latest mobile apps for all of the major platforms.

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Freedom Checks – A Potential Investment Game Changer

Freedom Checks are everything that investments experts are talking about nowadays. However, why is it causing so much commotion? Well, according to its founder Matt Badiali, this type of investment could very well change your perception of what a good return on investment is.

Although it is extremely exciting to hear that we could potentially start making thousands of dollars at low risk and high reward, we have to go back to the beginning and explain what Freedom Checks are, and why they made it to the top of Motley Fool and Reuters list due to their impressive returns.

Back in 2008 when the market crash happened, Matt Badiali went against every single stock purchase advice he received and bought shares on energy companies at around $0.06 a share. Two years later, he was selling those same shares for $2.64 each. Though the numbers seem unimpressive at first, he made a profit of 4,400 percent, all this while having a geology degree and almost no knowledge of the investment market. Visit to know more about Freedom Checks.

To explain better Freedom Checks are not a magic investment that bears no risks and it is guaranteed huge profits like Matts initial investment. What makes them so attractive is the fact that they take advantage of tax breaks, making their returns higher compared to any other investment. President Nixon believed that the United States needed to be independent when it came to its own power production. To help achieve that goal, a law that rewards people for investing in domestic energy companies was implemented.

That law stated that MLPs, Master Limited Partnerships, would not be taxed by the Federal Government, as long as these companies returned 90 percent of their profits back to its investors, making that return on investment higher than any other available in the market. The only time investors are charged taxes is when they sell their shares, but even then it’s still a smaller tax than income taxes.

Freedom Checks are not without risks, but they do offer a higher return on your investment, and while there is a need for energy there will be people investing in it.



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Anil Chaturvedi: A Man Of Many Feats And Innate Skill

An aficionado of his trade, Anil Chaturvedi is an integral cog in the banking machine. Revered for his varied accomplishments, Chaturvedi has an acute understanding of the vast intricacies peculiar to his domain. From strengthening ties between corporations to implementing new paradigms, Chaturvedi’s feats have not gone unnoticed or unrewarded. In fact, he’s been christened both the Man of the Year and Top Financial Advisor in the World. Perhaps delving into his extensive professional career will shed light on why Chaturvedi’s held in such high esteem.

After earning his B.A. and M.B.A., Chaturvedi immersed himself in the entrepreneurial unknown, vowing to reinvent the wheel via the formulation of progressive models and deployment of pioneering thought. Before doing so, Chaturvedi needed to gain industry experience. During his stint at State Bank of India, Chaturvedi cultivated advantageous skills, subsequently leveraging his newfound expertise to propel State Bank of India to the forefront of the banking sphere. Chaturvedi brought the company into great repute, arming State Bank of India with an illustrious reputation and immense fortune to boot. In fact, Chaturvedi is responsible for the company’s $500 million profits.

Not surprisingly, Chaturvedi rapidly ascended the ranks, graduating to a far more auspicious role – managing director. Chaturvedi served as Merrill Lynch’s managing director for a brief period, using his prowess as a banker to devise wealth creation strategies. Upon flexing his leadership skills, Chaturvedi realized his genius for financial advising. Most prominently known for facilitating the inner workings of wealth and extensive business,” Chaturvedi has become a go-to counselor for economic affairs. More specifically, he’s gained a notable reputation in the following realms: corporate advisory, investment banking, and corporate banking, and private banking. Currently, Chaturvedi proudly holds the title of Managing Director for Hinduja Bank, a financial institution in Switzerland that’ll no doubt thrive under Chaturvedi’s sage counsel.

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Gareth Henry, the Managing Director Fortress Investment Group

Mr Gareth Henry is the current managing director at Fortress Investment Group where his main role is to raise capital in the Middle Eastern, European, and African Markets. In his current role, Mr Gareth has performed exceptionally building strong relationships and sales strategy for Fortress Investment Group. He has succeeded in establishing great relationships with sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies and pension funds across the world.

Mr Gareth Henry was the Global Head of Investor Relations for Fortress Liquid Markets. In his role at Fortress Liquid Markets, Henry led a team of investment professionals targeting clients in the Middle East, Asia, Canada, Europe, and the United States. To this end, he was responsible for managing all marketing, client and sales services. Before this role, he was the Head of International Investor Relations for the same company in London. During his stint in London, Mr Henry was credited for having developed and implemented a winning sales strategy for the company. Gareth Henry was also recognized for having helped the establishment of consulting and institutional relationships across the company’s credit, hedge fund, fixed income businesses, and private equity.

Before Henry Joined Fortress Investment Group, he has worked as the Director of Strategic Solutions at Schroder in London. He has also worked as an Investment Manager at SEI Investment Investments in London and Philadelphia. Moreover, he was also an analyst at Watson Wyatt LLP London. Mr Gareth has also served as a Fellow of the UK Institute of Actuaries and the US Society of Actuaries. To this end, he has earned a reputation throughout his career as a professional capable of delivering strong results.

Gareth Henry is a graduate of Heriot-Watt University in the United Kingdom where he studied actuarial mathematics as well as statistics. In 2011, Institutional Investor named Gareth Henry as a Rising Star for his role in developing innovative sales and growth strategies at Fortress Investment Group. The Rising Star award is given to young professionals who have shown significant contributions to their companies and industries thus making them stand out among their peers. These are professionals who show a great future and vision so that in the future, they are likely to take leadership roles in companies and industries.