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Louis Chenevert: A Great Force behind United Technologies Corporation

Louis Chenevert served as the former CEO and chairman of the renowned United Technologies Corporation. He joined the prestigious company in the year 2006. Before that, Louis Chenevert served at Pratt & Whitney as the president since the year 1999.He has also served at General Motors as the head of the production team. Between the year 2015 and 2017, Mr. Chenevert held the position of Snr. Industry Advisor at the renowned Goldman Sachs Merchant. Currently, he holds a position at the Business Council. Louis also served as the US-India Forum. Other positions that Louis Chenevert holds include chairing the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, the Yale Cancer Center’s Advisory Board, among others. Louis attended the prestigious University of Montreal where he holds a degree in Bachelor of Commerce. In the year 2011, he was awarded a Doctorate from the same university. Currently, he chairs the HEC Montreal’s International Advisory Board.

During his interview with Ideamensch, Louis Chenevert reveals that the idea to start UTC came about from teamwork from top executives and other members that had a strong passion for meeting clients’ needs. He states that he can turn ideas into life by being attentive to talent to ensure that they meet all their clients’ expectations and the company’s returns are profitable. Louis says that having a great team of staff also plays a vital role in the company’s success. Louis is quite a tech-savvy and says that the ability of technology to take the company to a new place in the future is quite amusing and interesting.

Mr. Chenevert states that being productive is as a result of several factors such as having a strong passion for his work, being focused, having a positive mind, being disciplined, having a strong ideology for time-management, and commitment for his work. Louis believes in working with the best team for the best results. He says that a leader ought to appreciate and encourage their employees to ensure that they work towards the company’s success. According to Mr. Chenevert, for any business to be successful, thinking out of the box and being focused on the company’s goals is not an option!

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The Chainsmokers and their Dark Album

After releasing their breakthrough track “#Selfie” on January 29, 2014, the American EDM-pop DJ duo The Chainsmokers has certainly come a long way. Since the release of that track they have done quite a few collaborations with some pretty famous artists such as the band Coldplay and the American singer-songwriter Halsey. Formed in 2012, the EDM-pop duo consists of Alex Pall and lead singer Andrew Taggert. With such collaborations coupled with increasing fame and popularity, it’s no wonder they won a Grammy in 2017 for Best Dance Recording.

Fast forward to today and they are still at it. With the release of their new single “Sick Boy” it seems as though the duo has a bit more of a darker outlook on things. The track itself focuses on how we put so much time and stock into social media that it is almost as if we don’t know how to be ourselves anymore without people watching our lives online. With lyrics like “Feed yourself with my life’s work, how many likes is my life worth” It is pretty plain to see what they are talking about in their newest song. The song itself is comprised of driving drum beats and melodic piano play with the added voice of lead singer Andrew Taggert. The music video is also pretty attention grabbing, set in a dark space it is lit with a few bright spotlights and some awesome pyrotechnics while also having some slightly trippy paint over effects, all of which add a somewhat darkness to the song. Andrew Taggert said that the feelings that inspired the song were “frustration” and “A little bit of anger.” And it definitely shows n the final product and what it says about social media and the hold and sway it has on our young people and quite frankly everyone today. There is much anticipation about how the rest of the album is going to sound when you hear their newest single, hopefully it will follow along similar lines.i

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Lori Senecal to Resign from her Role as the Global CEO of CP+B

The success of every investor is based on their experiences in their life. Lori Senecal has a fascinating story on how she came to know what her space was in the world. Lori Senecal has been serving as the Global CEO of CP+B since 2015 but is set to retire later this year. Lori was the Chief Executive Officer of KBS before she joined CP+B. She made history in the firm for taking it to the next level. When she joined the firm, it only had memberships from around the country, but when she was leaving, the company had grown into a global company. It has 800 employees at the moment across the globe.


It is a sad moment for the CP+B fraternity as Lori plans to retire from the firm. Chuck Porter, the Chairman of the company, says that she was the right individual for the company. In his statement, he said that Lori has helped the company move to the next level. The decisions that she made for the company and her intelligence will forever be remembered. Porter mentioned that they would be leaving the leadership to the next generation because they do not know what to expect because the advertisement world is unpredictable. He says that through the help of Lori Senecal, they are sure to leave the company to the right individuals. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Lori Senecal says that her passion for leading was born when she was in high school. She wanted to participate in gymnastics, but her height would not allow her. She, however, got a chance to be the coach of the team. Since then, she knew she wasn’t meant to be led but to lead others.

Her role as the coach of her gymnastics team has influenced her career in so many ways. Lori says that as the coach of her company, she always wanted to see that they excelled. This is the same thing that happens in the advert world; she only excels when others do. In the ad world, they have a saying that one is only as good as their last advert. She also learned to not focus on things that were not possible to handle but instead find ways to solve.



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Shiraz Boghani Leads Splendid Hospitality Group

Shiraz Boghani is a top hotelier in the United Kingdom. He is the chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group, a top hotelier company in the United Kingdom. This is one of fastest growing chain of hotels in the country. Shiraz Boghani moved to the United Kingdom from Kenya in 1969. He has worked very hard to establish the hotel business in the country.

Shiraz commitment to success in the business sector has been recognized by Asian Business Awards 2016. He was given the award for the “best hotelier.” The award came at the right time. Shiraz Boghani has been taking his hotel business to another level. He has been establishing hotel across the country. His hotels range from limited service to luxury hotels.

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Right now, some of the biggest hotels in the country were established by the Splendid Hospitality Group. Some of the hotels that the group owns are 5-star hotels such as the Conrad London St James and the Grand Hotel, and Spa found in York. The hotel business that Shiraz Boghani has established is not located in just one area. All his hotels are in many parts of the country. Right now the company has over 20 hotels and with more than 2000 bedrooms. The Splendid Hospitality Group is clearly one of the best in the United Kingdom. They are giving other hotels in the country a run for their money. Splendid Hospitality groups have been recognized by brands such as Hilton, Accor, and IHG. In fact, one of their recent hotels is known as Hilton London Bankside.

Shiraz Boghani was pleased by the recognition he received from the Asian Business Awards. The award was an affirmation of the good work that the company has been doing. The company will continue putting up structures that will make it the top company in the country according to Shiraz Boghani. Shiraz Boghani remains committee about taking the company to all parts of the United Kingdom. With the rate at which the company is gaining in recent times, there are high expectations that it will soon manage to accomplish this goal.

Shiraz Boghani is a committed entrepreneur who looks beyond the just the hospitality industry; he has established a healthcare company in the country which he co-owns alongside Shafik Sachedina. The healthcare firm is called Sussex Healthcare. It provides healthcare support to the people in the society living with special needs. They have 20 homes to cater to the needs of these people.

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