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Bernardo Chua Finds Success With Healthy Coffee Products

One of the aspects of the life of direct sales legend Bernardo Chua that is difficult not to admire is the fact he has always been willing to take major risks in a bid to better both himself and his Organo Gold company.

A fine example of the risks Chua has been willing to take over the course of his career can be found in the decision made by Bernardo to take himself out of the comfort of the Philippines and Asia where direct sales are a major industry to bring his skills to North America with the launch of Organo Gold.

The launch of Organo Gold came as the latest part of the belief Bernardo Chua has maintained in the ganoderma extract taken from mushrooms he believes can have a positive impact on the lives of millions of people around the world; the ganoderma extract has been a major part of Chinese medicine for centuries and Chua himself believes its many health providing properties should be enjoyed by all.

Now located in Canada, the work of Bernardo in launching and building Organo Gold into one of the most important multi level marketing companies in the world.

Recognition at an industrial level is always important, but to receive awards based on the success a company achieves in the eyes of its customers is always a part of life any business leader can be proud of.

According to PR News Wire, Bernardo Chua was honored in 2015 by the Philippines government after consumers voted for their most popular brands and business leaders with Organo Gold taking home two awards for their innovative approach to ganoderma infused coffee products; Bernardo Chua himself took home the award for the Outstanding Global Entrepreneur after his achievement in building Organo Gold from a single Canadian coffee shop in 2008 into one of the most important luxury lifestyle direct sales company’s in the world.

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Arthur Beccker Transcends The Worlds Of Fashion, Biotech, and Real Estate

Arthur Becker is now one of the best known business names in the world with a string of successful businesses behind him or being built at the moment, which is the case with his impressive Madison Partners LLC. Becker has never been scared to share the experiences he has had as a business leader and entrepreneur that he has always stated resulted in both success and failure for an entrepreneur who made his name with the impressive Zinio technology company; in recent times Arthur Becker has been moving to a new area of interest with a dedicated push to become a real estate leader in Florida and New York.


In explaining his own success Arthur Becker rarely indulges in looking back at the things he could have changed, but has revealed he believes his earlier career would have benefited from the completion of his second year of his graduate school studies. To ensure success for any up and coming entrepreneur Arthur Becker has provided a large amount of advice for those entering the business world; including taking an independent approach to making sure employees are performing to their maximum levels when they may have been involved in a new project from its inception, which can make some of the decisions a business leader makes difficult to complete.


Arthur Becker made his name as the Chair of the Navisite group that was one of the top technology startups providing services in the U.K., U.S., and India where Becker has developed a range of impressive skills and experience as a global leader. Over the course of his career Becker created a range of impressive business opportunities that have recently taken him into the industries of real estate and medical technology.


In the past, Arthur Becker worked in many different areas of interest, including his time with the Vera Wang group as a member of the board and advisor where his technology knowledge proved invaluable. A computer expert who has spent much of his time in the technology industry, Arthur Becker believes his business skills can be transferred to different industrial and business areas.

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Whitney Wolfe Gets Singles Excited About Dating App Tweak With Bumble

People that do not know anything about the Bumble app created by Whitney Wolfe will soon find out that this may be the future of dating. She has created a dating app that surpasses the others because it stands out as a wonderful alternative to what the traditional dating apps offer. This is where the women are in control, and they are praising Whitney Wolfe because she has finally given them the chance to narrow down the prospective mates that could be the right one for them.

Whitney Wolfe really raised to standard when she created the Bumble app, and this is something that other companies are quickly trying to duplicate. She stands alone as someone that has given women the control. The Bumble app is very reflective of her personal life because she is someone that wanted to be in control of her future as well. She did not want to compromise her creativity and simply be an employee at another dating app company. To the contrary, she made it her business to actually design an app that would give her free range over what she wanted to do. She has the ability to act in accordance to the rules that she implemented. This gives her an edge over the competition, and it makes it easier for her to stand out in an industry of dating app clones.

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There definitely is a lot of praise for what she has managed to do, and it is very likely that there will be even more accolades for her in the future. Her name stands out because Whitney Wolfe is a dating app innovator. Tinder was the first dating app for Whitney Wolfe. She was the co-founder of this company. Now she is going solo with Bumble and singles are very excited.


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New Jersey’s Sam Boraie Is A Champion Of The Hungry

The Boraie name is well-known in New Brunswick, New Jersey. In fact, the Boraie name is well-known all over New Jersey. Omar Boraie was the first family member to make a mark on New Brunswick. The Egyptian chemist used his real estate development skills in the 1970s, and he turned downtown New Brunswick into a mecca for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Boraie built the first high-rise office building on Albany Street in the 1980s. Albany Street Plaza One was the inspiration for other Boraie Development projects, reveals Bloomberg. Boraie Development is still actively building new residential and office building in New Brunswick. Omar is not as active in the business as he once was. He is involved in some of the cancer research that Rutgers University Hospital is known for. Sam Boraie, his brother, Wasseem, and his sister, Hiam are involved in current Boraie Development projects.

Sam Boraie decided to spread the family business to other New Jersey cities. Boraie Development was involved in the One Riverview residential building in Newark, and the new Beach at South Inlet residential project in Atlantic City. Sam and his family are still active in the revitalization of New Brunswick. The company is headquartered in one of their office buildings on Albany Street, and Sam is active in the Elijah’s Promise program. Elijah’s Promise is the nonprofit that feeds New Jersey’s homeless, and the organization feeds people that can’t afford to pay much to eat. The Elijah’s Promise soup kitchen feeds hundreds of people every day, and the Elijah’s Promise café is open daily. The café is a pay-as-you-can program where people can eat and only pay what they can afford. Sam Boraie sits on the board of Elijah’s Promise, and he believes Elijah’s Promise is one of the most humane programs in the state.

The New Brunswick State Theater ( is another Sam Boraie passion. The New Brunswick State Theater has been entertaining people since 1921. Sam is a board member. Boraie was instrumental in the recent State Theater restoration project. Thanks to Boraie, and other board members, the theater was restored to its original 1920s style. The entertainment and education venues have been updated. People are coming back to enjoy the top names that come to the State Theater to entertain. Sam Boraie thinks the New Brunswick State Theater is one of the city’s best attractions.

But there are other great attractions in New Brunswick. Sam Boraie is proud he had a hand in some of them. Bringing the medical industry to the city is one of those great attractions and revitalizing the downtown area is another. The downtown restaurants, retail shops, condominiums, and apartments would not exist today without the influence and the work of Boraie Development, New Brunswick is a model for other cities in New Jersey. The restoration of the city gives cities like Camden and Trenton hope. There’s little doubt. Sam Boraie and his family will help those cities come back to life again soon.